Friday, August 15, 2008

Camp Baby Reunion- All star edition

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Here's the latest from my Camp Baby friends. Lot of good stuff this week, so click away.

First up, Classy Mommy, a woman who totally lives up to her blog name. After I sent off my link last week, the one with the rant about Wal-Marts new vlogger program, I remembered that she's one of the "Wal-Mart 11." Oops. Can you say awkward? I sent her a note explaining that I completely understood if she chose not to include my link in the roundup, but she published it. Cuz she's Classy. Also, Wal-Mart is sending her to a conference in Vegas soon. I hope she negotiated a side-trip to one of the fabulous spas and that in her world what happens in Vegas gets blogged. Oh yeah, and her link for the week is: Classy Mommy is giving away 2 pairs of Pedipeds shoes for Fall!

Speaking of corporate-sponsored travel, Jane from Mom Generations (formerly Pinks and Blues) just returned from a trip, too. See Jane kick tires and take a wild test drive at Ford headquarters.

Jodi at Mom's Favorite Stuff reviews her favorite mommy tees.

Mother's Intuition Leeanthro describes why you should always listen to your mother's intuition. Warning: grab a tissue before you click.

This Full House Reviews: The White Trash Mom Handbook She's less than perfect and she's okay! Go read Liz's take on our blog buddy's new book.

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