Thursday, August 21, 2008

Outgrowing food allergies

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Bye-bye Benadryl! So long Epi-pen! Smartypants has outgrown his sesame allergy!

It's exciting news, especially coming at the start of a school year. I don't have to fill out extra medical forms or prepare allergy alerts for all of his teachers. Best of all, I no longer have to worry about what he eats and whether a bite of the wrong food could land him in the ER (or worse).

We celebrated with lunch Pita Inn. They have delicious and inexpensive sesame-laden food, but I've been avoiding the place for most of the last decade. Smartypants ate hummus and baba ganoush. He enjoyed sesame-studded balls of falafel, or as we now call them Middle Eastern hush puppies.

I'm so glad to have some happy medical news for a change.

Speaking of which, I'm going in for surgery tomorrow. I'm having a microdiskectomy to repair a herniated disk. It's a relatively simple and quick outpatient procedure. And though I will be in pain because, hello! I'm having surgery on my spine, the incision pain should only last for a few days and the horrible pressure on my nerve that's like an annoying uninvited houseguest who's taken up permanent residence should be gone before I leave the hospital. I can't wait. Think healing thoughts for me, would you please?

The upside of all the medical issues we've had this summer- hospital stays and outpatient surgery for all- is that my posts about our summer at Club Med, as in Medicine attracted the attention of the real Club Med PR team. Later this fall DH and I are going to the beautiful Club Med Punta Cana on press junket. Press junket = no cost trip, which is kinda crucial considering all the medical bills we've accrued. And have I mentioned DH is going to be out of a job soon? I'd be jumping for delight over this tropical trip if not for that nasty pinched nerve in my spine.

Back to the food allergy thing, if you have or know a child with food allergies, take a peek at my Scrambled CAKE posts on the topic.

And think those nice healing thoughts for me, would ya?


Carrie said...

What?? My goodness, I can't believe they're giving you a trip to Punta Cana! That is so wonderful!!!

OH, and also best wishes for your surgery, I will think healing thoughts for you.

But I'll think JEALOUS thoughts about Punta Cana. Cool!

And sorry about your husband's job, we might be in the same boat by the end of this week. Maybe we can get together and have poverty parties!

kristina said...

Yay for your son outgrowing his food allergies, and yay for your totally-deserved Club Med trip.

Sorry to hear about your DH's job. I hope he's not out of one.

Thinking of your during your "procedure."

Heal up, my friend.

laughingatchaos said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear he outgrew his sesame allergy! And I love the Pita Inn, haven't been there in years.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Thanks for all of your wishes. The Punta Cana Club Med trip is not a for few months. S I have time to heal (and try to look good in a bathing suit)and DH has time to find a new job.