Sunday, August 10, 2008

Post-op the butt

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Smartypants had his adenoids removed last week. The surgery went quickly and smoothly. When DH and I got to see him post-op, I feared he would be a crying, wilted lump of a child like Pikachu was after his recent radiofrequency ablation procedure. (This is what our summer at Club Med (icine) is all about.) But no, when we saw him right after surgery, he was sitting up eating a Popsicle and watching TV eagerly waiting for us to return with his Nintendo DS so he could get back to whatever Pokemon game he was playing.

And now, a day after his surgery, Smartypants is still doing well. The complaints he's making are not about his sore throat, but about his Nintendo DS, or lack of play time on it.

Even more whining is coming from the boy who had his surgery 2.5 weeks ago. He is no longer in pain physically, but is suffering severe emotional trauma.

"Why does Smartypants get to eat so much ice cream and Jell-O? I didn't get it eat it after my surgery!"

"Your operation was on your leg, dear. Smartypants had surgery in his throat, the ice cream and Jell-O help soothe it."

"Fine, but it's still not fair!"


And then there is much, way too much, arguing about which boy got to play more DS/GameCube during both the pre-op and post-op periods.

Lordy, all those electronic games are going to wind up in the trash one of these days.

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Classy Mommy said...

hope the kiddies are feeling okay! i had my tonsils and adenoids out when i was 17. uggh. i could hardly eat for a month!