Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Judy Moody Goes to College: A book review

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Years ago my friend and her daughter turned us on to Judy Moody books. My boys have read several, along with the books featuring Judy's little brother, Stink. So it's only fitting that when I was offered a review copy of Megan McDonald's latest addition to the series, Judy Moody Goes to College, I called up that same friend and asked her daughter to review it. She was delighted to be asked and even happier when I told her she could keep the book.*

Review by Anna B.

The way this book starts out puts Judy in a real mood. (You know which mood I’m talking about.) There is a new substitute, Mrs. Grossman, and Judy is not her favorite pupil. Judy goes to the new “Attitude Tent” a couple more times than she would like to, and when Mrs. Grossman hands out “rare” candy guess who doesn't get any? Miss Judy Moody, that’s who. And while Judy was checking out her awesome new watch- Mrs. Grossman (and the rest of the class) weren't.

That day Judy had to take home a note about being “hazy-not-crazy” about math, so her parents decided to bring Judy to a tutor, Chloe Canfield, or C-squared. The other reason her nickname is C-squared is because she goes to Colonial College, which is where Judy’s new adventure begins.

I liked this book a lot, especially the parts where Judy is in the college. It is good to know that learning math can be fun. Another good thing is the glossary in the back. It’s nice to be able to understand what they are saying during the book. What I did not like was how college was all Judy Moody could talk about. If I had gone to college, I would talk about it a lot, sure, but not all the time. Also, anyone know who Amy Namey is? I’m not sure, and it confused me a little.

Everyone should really read this book. The humor is great, the plot is fantastic and it even sneaks in some math. (Parents, don’t tell your kids that!) It is just another sick-awesome, mad-nasty, rare Judy Moody book!

* My boys saw this book on my desk and asked to read it. I reminded them that they rarely follow through on their promises to write reviews for me and cautioned them not to get their sticky paws on Anna's clean, new book. I am that mean. I hope at some point we can share in some of this bloggy goodness, but I'm not going to drive myself nuts or nag them to death for a blog post.


Tracey said...

Oh, Judy Moody... I love children's chapter books.

Betsy said...

You are such a busy busy blogger. How do you do it? Coffee, coca cola, hormone therapy? I want me some of that.