Thursday, September 04, 2008

We clicked Blik

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Just before I ordered a set of Blik reusable vinyl wall decals, I wrote about them at Momformation. This was no swaggy deal. I paid for two sets after Smartypants read about Blik's new SuperMario set in that paragon of style: Nintendo Power magazine.

To quote my own post: "My boys are drooling at the bit for these new Super Mario stick-ons. Ten-year-old Smartypants already eats and drinks Super Mario, he might as well sleep it, too. That’s his theory, anyway."
Smartypants created the design and DH did most of the application. Easy peasy. And the results are cute. We put them up in my parent's basement. The rumpus room, which already looks like a Chuck E. Cheese franchise, is even more fun and festive thanks to the Blik cling-ons. Look! Look! Now! Hurry! Look! (Sound familiar?)
(For classy kid's decor, check this out.)

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Naomi said...

Those are actually pretty cool. At least they're not into zombie games yet...