Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner: I can't stop cleaning!

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I've got a bit of the devil in me. The Dirt Devil, that is!

After months of dealing with a vacuum cleaner that sucked because it did not, something snapped (in the vacuum, not me) and I needed to repair it or replace it.


Why the rush? Because a cleaning woman was scheduled to show up on my doorstep in about 10 hours and I didn't have a functioning vacuum.

As Pikachu and I surveyed the dizzying array of models and options, I realized I didn't see the Eureka Boss, a model suggested by CR. I ultimately decided to buy on price. If I picked an inexpensive model and figuring if it didn't work out I'd be only be out about $70. If I picked a high-end Dyson model and we weren't happy with it, I'd be screwed.

I ended up with a Dirt Devil Featherweight*, knowing that one of the limiting factors in how often I vacuum is how easy it is to lug the vacuum from one level of the house to another. It weighs less than 14 pounds, but has all the power of a larger vacuum, or so the box promised.

It's a bagless model with a large, clear, easy-to-empty dirt cup. And when I saw how full that cup was after the cleaning lady used it (and after months of subpar vacuum performance), my jaw dropped. Ewww. Our floors are mostly hard surfaces, but our small carpeted areas were clearly holding a lot of dirt.

I was so captivated (read: mortified) by the gunk in the dirt cup, that I figured a second pass-over the carpets was in order. And when I saw how much I sucked up on that pass, I figured I might as well try a third time.

OMG, people. My carpets were filthy! (Though, to my defense, we steam cleaned them in the spring--or was it spring 07...?)

I cannot stop vacuuming. I love this thing!

And a few weeks earlier, I received some Method samples. I love the light, nontoxic scent of this all-purpose spray. I started using it in the kitchen and worked my way out to the garage and even cleaned my car with it, which is not recommended; I just couldn't stop cleaning.

Is this a new me? Is all this cleaning giving me a purpose and sense of sanity, or am I getting closer to Losing It?

Check out must-see cleaning clip posted by Marketing Mommy.

* Naomi at SuperdumbSupervillain had actually passed along the name of a Dirt Devil PR rep, but, yeah, I went ahead and bought one my own. It's not like my husband is out of a job or anything. Oh, wait. He is.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I have had a Dyson since 2005 and LOVE it! We don't call it the vacuum. We call it the DYSON. It is revered in our home. But it sounds like the Dirt Devil really sucks. I never thought I would write a sentence like that and mean it to be positive..

Naomi said...

As much as I love Method stuff, I can't say it's ever made me go beyond my cursory cleaning standards... I might have to go out and get that spray!

Mom101 said...

I think you just officially made your first sale (I say sheepishly as I look at my carpets).