Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have a dream...

I'm reading: I have a dream...Tweet this!

Rather, I had a dream. Last night. In it, my friend's boys had lice. She asked me to watch them about a week later when I thought they had gotten rid of all the little buggers. I picked the boys up in my car. One of them was nearly bald from all of those toxic lice-killing shampoos and ointments. But because he was nearly hairless, I could see tiny bugs jumping off his head all around my car.

I was furious that she did not tell me they still had lice. Thank the gods, we've never had an infestation in my house.

In my dream, I called DH as well as the boys' mom. I was freaking out. And there was some complicated parking garage thing that was somehow related to all this.

What is the symbolism of all this?

I think a different friend told me someone at her daughter's school had lice and the mom sent the child back to school before the lice had fully cleared and she infected 1/2 the class. Yuck. So maybe I was thinking of that.

Plus, I have been getting kind of nitpicky lately.

What do you think?


CanCan said...

Nitpicky....wah wah wahhhhh (that is the trombone sound effect, a la 1960's TV).

kristina said...

Lice. Yuck. I dread those days. Lice is a nightmare.

micaela6955 said...

Ewww. You do NOT want them in your house. Ever. Our first infestation was right after school ended. It was not pleasant as I never knew what to look for and by the time I did, they were on her and me. $200 later, her hair was cut and mine falling out (I left in the meds for an hour instead of 10 minutes, I was THAT paranoid) I finally got rid of them. School starts back up again, and I find more eggs in her hair-they'd been costume dressing in the afterschool program so I was pretty sure it came from that. We cut off strands with nits attached (there weren't many) and used the chemicals yet again. Then I went to the natural food store and got some Tea Tree Shampoo, and Tea Tree oil for washing the bed linens and stuff (just a couple drops in the rinse cycle, rather than spraying pesticides all over the bed) My poor coworker had all 3 of her kids sent home with lice the same day I discovered them at our house. Just be vigilant and check for them, I was ashamed and freaked out at first but now have pretty much accepted them as elementary school issues. The bad thing is that some parents don't care or won't buy (can't afford etc..) the meds needed, so the problem keeps returning. Hoping you never get them in the house-it is lots of work, and NOT fun.