Monday, October 13, 2008

Subaru Dream Rally Event: The hot lap

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Here are two videos of my hot lap with Rally Pro Tim O'Neil. Tim's Rally and Car Control School trains Rally drivers as well as professionals who need some mad driving skillz. Just what does that mean? Well, rumor has it the Department of Defense sponsors many students.

The hot lap was one wild ride. I was into the speed and bumps, but the fast, sharp turns? Not so much. Gladly, Tim, the driver, did not hurl our car into any trees and I did not hurl my lunch into his car.

Wendy took this video on my camera. The car is going much faster than it looks on the video. Watch us weave through the cones. From my view inside the car-where I could barely see over the dashboard- I was sure we knocked down every one of them.

Urgh. Couldn't get the video to load. Posterous to the rescue! Check it out here. (More about Posterous in a future post. I love it!)


MJ Tam said...

Sounds like you had fun!

Naomi said...

check you out, speed racer!