Monday, October 13, 2008

Subaru Dream Rally: The skid pad

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Like a good Twitter evangelist (addict?), I spent much of our drive from the hotel to the O'Neil Rally and Car Control School chatting up the platform. It's fun! You will build your network! You'll be the first of all your friends to find the latest Sarah Palin parodies!

Twitter has helped me connect with other mom bloggers as well social media and PR types. I could do without some of the "Good morning, Tweeps!" posts, but have found links to many useful posts and articles.

The school is located in the middle of nowhere, New Hampshire. The sunny morning provided the perfect light for viewing the Subaru lineup. My eight-year old Outback is so pockmarked. It's filled with dents and dings that attest to its long, useful life. I drooled over the shiny new Impreza, Forester, Outback and Tribeca. So clean. So very clean.

After an overview of the models, we headed in for a bit of classroom instruction. We talked skids, line breaking, apexes, target fixation, oversteering, understeering, evasive maneuvers and more.
Then we headed outside to drive. First, the instructor demonstrated a given technique, then we got behind the wheel. We drove the Subarus I'd admired earlier in the morning, switching it up to try them all.
Our first technique was skid control. Check my video, filmed from the passenger seat. Warning: not for those prone to carsickness.
Photo: getting ready to hit the skid pad in a sporty Impreza.
I recently demonstrated a few of my new techniques for my boys in a nearby (empty) parking lot. Major coolness points for this geeky mom!

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