Monday, November 17, 2008

Agenda for the week of November 16

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Sunday: Pack for trip to Club Med Punta Cana

Monday: Wake up at the crack of ass and head to the airport (DH was invited along, too!) 5:00 PM Tour the Punta Cana property
8:30 PM Dinner with the other press tour participants, assuming I'm still awake

Tuesday: Half day excursion out in the ocean, snorkeling, fresh grilled lobster lunch on boat
7:30 PM coctails followed by dinner and a show, assuming I'm still awake

Wednesday: Sailing or salsa dance lesson or a fitness class followed by spa treatment
4:00 PM Optional flying trapeze lesson
8:00 PM Dinner and another show

Thursday: Return to Chicago
8:00 PM Home: hug and kiss kids!
8:15 PM Start bedtime routine and all related misery.

Friday: Turn on computer and read this post to remind myself I was on a fabulous vacation. The feeling fades so quickly.


Naomi said...

drink plenty of rum and soak in the ocean breeze...

Sprite's Keeper said...

Have a great time!

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Have a really WONDERFUL time!!!

*I'm green with envy but ignore that ;)*