Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going topless at Club Med

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I had been warned that there might be "European style" beaches at Punta Cana. But you know what? I'm keeping my girls under cover no matter what.
However, I am going laptopless. DH convinced me to leave the computer behind and I think it was a good call.
A tropical island trip with my best friend. No kids or emails to distract. Ah, heaven!
There's a cybercafe where I can check in on my blogs and, more importantly, my email. It's not that I expect any important news or urgent request. I simply don't want to return from vacation to a crush of 500 emails demanding my attention.
Remember when email was fun? How do you manage yours? I'm always looking for tips, feeling like I *must* be doing something wrong to let email become such a burden.
Note: this was a prescheduled post.

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kristina said...

Hi. I hope you're having fun right now.

I had to check my emails at Disney just to clear them out. Otherwise, I get a little anxious.

OK, go back to having fun. Can't wait to hear all about it.