Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our Happy Dance

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We're breathing a big sigh of relief here at Chez Moldofsky. I told DH last night that I feel like the clouds have finally parted. Fittingly, we woke up to a sunny day.

I am predicting a drop in the sale of antidepressants. I joked about this on Twitter and @sairy suggested perhaps I'd been touched by Republican Elective Disorder. Whatever the diagnosis, I know many people who feel they've been in a funk since the 2000 election.

It's the dawn of a new day.

There is a tough road ahead, but I'm feeling hopeful.

We're doing the Happy Dance today!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Love the happy dance!
(BTW, I linked you on my site today. Leapfrog giveaway, baby!!!)

Marketing Mommy said...

Today's my daughter's birthday, and I think she believes Obama's win is a gift to her. She was just as excited to hear the news as she was to open a package from her grandparents.

Kristina said...

Love the Happy Dance. We did it here too.

single mom seeking said...

I'm with you babe!! We were doing the happy dance, too!... It was hard for me to keep hush hush on BabyCenter. I tried.

Michele said...

Love the Happy Dance, and I've been doing my own here at home as well!!! Isn't it funny that the clouds really did go away and the sun really did come out??? Both literally and figuratively, right? I'm so looking forward to January when Obama takes over!!! I"m feeling very, very hopeful for our future.

By the way, Kim @ What’s That Smell? / Accidental Mommies led me to your blog.

Michele R.(CA)

laughingatchaos said...

Oh, I've definitely been in a funk since the 2000 election...which was just a few short months before my high-maintenance 2e kid was born. Lemme tell ya, I have high hopes, in sooo many ways. ;)

Kari said...

I think there was a national cheer and an international sigh of relief at the result of this election. Friends from different countries both living in the US & out were pushing for Obama & it seems they are with the majority in their respective country. This election has been watched globally, their are international blogs & websites that are focused on the US election & economy. We all have high hopes for Obama.