Thursday, December 04, 2008

All twisted up over this

I'm reading: All twisted up over thisTweet this!

Well, yes, I'm all twisted up about the man who was trampled to death at Walmart, for one thing. Read more, including my personal confession, at Chicago Moms Blog.

I am crooked, if not twisted, because of a herniated disc. Another one. It started 18 months ago with the on my right side, went away after a few cortisone shots. Reappeared as a problem on the left side. Had surgery. All fixed on the left. Now the right is acting up again. Had an MRI. Spine doctor saw the results-a herniation so large he was amazed I was walking around at all.

That paragraph is like looking into crystal ball. That is what my blog will look like when I am 80. This pain. That pain. No one will read it, but at least I will get to vent. Then I will call my grandchildren, to whom blogging will seem hopelessly old-fashioned because they will just exchange thoughts via microchips implanted in their scalps, and cry, "Why don't you click? Just click on my url some time. Would it hurt you to leave a comment for grandma?"

Anyhoo, our insurance deductible is met, our max out-of-pocket medical expenses for the year is so close I can almost feel it, and let's not forget I am in pain when I sleep, sneeze (weird, I know. I sneeze and feel a pain in my right buttock.) or try to stand upright. That's a lot of the time people! The surgery takes place Friday morning, and the insurance company is practically paying me to have the procedure.

I should not joke about such matters, really. The nurse told me my procedure was pre-approved, but pre-approval doesn't guarantee payment.


It's the Jan Brady attitude. It's an insurer's prerogative to change their mind.

Again, WTF?

It turns out we received a $14,564 dollar bill for Pikachu's summer surgery. And that's only for radiology, not his hospital services.

Sing it to me, people: WTF?

Seriously, though, think nice thoughts for me.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Definitely thinking nice thoughts for you for a speedy recovery and a WTF for all the insurance idiots who find it easier to just deny than make one little phone call to straighten it out.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts!

kristina said...

Thinking kind thoughts for you, your surgery, resolution of your f---ing insurance bill.

Thinking nasty thoughts about your insurance company.

And laughing over your paragraph about grandma Kim blogging and begging her grandkids to leave a comment.

Cindy Fey said...

Sending warm thoughts your way and hoping for a speedy and trouble-free recovery!