Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Fun: Your drug of choice?

I'm reading: Friday Fun: Your drug of choice?Tweet this!

This is set to post about the time I'm going in for my diskectomy. My day is going to be spent in a drug-induced haze. Did I say day? I meant weekend.

On the right you will find a photo of the drugs I received after the diskectomy I had in August. I'm not much of a druggie, so I still have a lot left over.
I am, however, a bloggy geek, so I took pictures of the pretty pills that matched my blog.
Who remembers?
Who even cares? They are the cutest pills ever and they make me swoon as soon as I look at them.
Plus drugs that match my blog just scream good karma to me.

While I'm passing in and out of consciousness take a moment from your busy day and tell me about your favorite painkilling drugs or techniques.

Late-breaking news. A Friday Funny sent to my inbox on Thursday. Best Prop 8 video ever! It features musci, comedy, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and other big names. Check it out. HT to Nicole for the clip.


The Blonde Duck said...

Which one is your main blog? There are so many!

Anna Lefler said...

Hi, Kim!

Hope your procedure is going smoothly and that you're right about now. ;^)

Thanks so much for the retweet on my blog post - I really appreciate that!

Have a smooth recovery and take care...



Naomi said...

I hope the surgery goes well and that it gives you lasting relief this time.

Narcotics make me dry heave, so I try to keep away from them. So much for my plans to become a heroin chic supermodel...

kristina said...

HI Kim, hope your surgery went well? I think it's funny you took cute pix of your pills.

Me, I have no idea what I took after my C-sections but I liked them. Tho they weren't as cute and not pink!