Wednesday, December 03, 2008

When your gifted kid gets a detention

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Smartypants came home from school and called me into his room. He pulled his math test from his bag and showed it to me sheepishly.

Only it was no math test. It was a note he'd written on a form explaining what he had done that got him in trouble at school today and apologizing for it. Something to do with throwing snowballs ("a yard or so away from X"), which is against school rules.

I'm not clear why he's the only one who got in trouble if, as he says, he was not the only one throwing them. Was he the only student throwing snow on this second or third day where there was enough ground cover to do so? I doubt it. But he still has to stay inside the next two recesses. I'm cool with that. He did the crime. He'll do the time.

I'm sure the vice-principal will scare him straight.

As for DH and I, well, we were all but high-fiving our kid. "A recess detention? For throwing snowballs? Awesome! That's so normal." Seriously, we were delighted to hear he was playing with other students at recess and not just wandering the playground by himself.


adrienne said...

You can't throw snowballs at recess?


Sprite's Keeper said...

Down here where there is no snow, our kids get in trouble for throwing mulch. More pointy.

Kim Moldofsky said...

No, snowballs = DANGER. Well, it's true, especially if they are icy. Some schools have outlawed the game of tag as it causes injuries (and possibly hurt feelings). He didn't hit anyone and he wasn't the only one throwing. He's jsut the one who got busted. Oh, well.

Mulch can be much messier. Say that five times fast.

kristina said...

A high-five to you.

And c'mon, detention for snowballs? My DH will be the worst influence on my kids, cause he throws snowballs all the time at all of us (well not Ryan, yet).

WkSocMom said...

I just loved that last paragraph, yippee for you all.