Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Four Questions

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My adult bat mitzvah class is off to a good start. I'm really enjoying our discussions and getting to know my classmates, who are an interesting bunch.

For the record, I don't share other people's stories without their permission, but I will share general discussion points, especially as they relate to me, me, ME! because, you know, this is my blog.

We've spent the past two session talking Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath. It starts out Friday evening with candle lighting, challah (egg bread), wine, a nice dinner and, for us, a call to my husband's grandma...in theory. In reality, our family has been a bit discombobulated in recent months and we haven't managed much more than the call to grandma.

But in discussing Shabbat, I realize that my family has fallen off the wagon and we need to get back on. I feel like I am slighting myself and my family.

I wonder what could be mine-- peace, serenity, belonging--if I bother to bake a fresh challah, turn off the computer and immerse myself in the present with my family.

Rituals calm and connect. They help mark the passage of time. I want our rituals back.

As we talked about Shabbat as a day apart from the others, our teacher asked these thought provoking questions about time:

1) How do you feel about your schedule?

2) Do you make good use of your time?

3) Are you in control of your time?

4) What would/could you change about how you use your time?

This led to an interesting discussion in my class; I hope it will here, too.


Kristina said...

I was just thinking about time. I am beginning to feel way too connected and overwhelmed with computer/phone. It's kinda stressing me. I think I may take a computer holiday, but the thought of all the emails and messages I'd have to respond to just stresses me even more.

Sprite's Keeper said...

1. My schedule is hectic.
2. I make good use of the time that is alloted to certain things. But when Sprite needs me, everything goes to the back burner.
3. My time is in control of me.
4. I would allow for more play time.
Good topic! And fresh baked challah? Holla!

ChefDruck said...

Oh, those are tough tough questions. Because the answer is no on all front. I have no control over my time. I dream of spending an entire weekend reading at my leasure curled up on the couch under a comfy blanket... but it never happens.

Good for you for bringing back a little peace and serenity to your family life.