Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess where I'm headed this week?

I'm reading: Guess where I'm headed this week?Tweet this!

<span class=BlogWell - How Big Companies Use Social Media - Chicago, IL - January 22nd

According to the sponsors, I'll ask questions, network with lots of smart people and walk away with fantastic, actionable ideas for [my clients'] social media programs.

I'm looking forward to it.

In other news about going places, my Punta Cana story is up at Traveling Mom.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Good luck! It looks interesting!

Amy said...

Ooooo... So jealous! Have fun!

Kristina said...

Have fun! Give us the report when you get back :)

Sheena @ Mommy Daddy Blog said...

Oh have fun! I was going to go but I realized I probably wouldn't be prepared. Time sure does fly, glad I declined, I look a mess!

Carrie said...

That sounds really fascinating. Makes me wish I could figure out a sitter because there would be some story ideas there.

Are you going to the Chicagonista party after?

Kristina said...

Oh Chicago has so many fun thing for bloggers. Am envious. But enjoy!

Kristina said...

Hi Kim, just read your great post on Traveling Moms. Didn't see a place to comment? Am I missing it?

Anyway, I am envious, especially about the spa stuff.

Great job.

Naomi said...

Let me know which businesses want to make me a maven. Just joking.