Saturday, January 03, 2009

Predictions for the year ahead

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Happy new year!

I'm opting out of resolutions this year. They tend not to stick and only leave me feeling like a loser. That said, I do hope to be a loser this year. Three days into the year, I'm eating healthy and exercising. Yeah, we're only three days in.

I picked up a copy of Carol Lay's book, The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude, at the library. It's motivational and informative. Most importantly, it may be the only graphic novel dedicated to weight loss and healthy living, making it a fun read.

But an even better read is my horoscope for the year courtesy of Georgia Nicols and the Chicago Sun-Times. I'm not a big believer in astrology, but sometimes a bit of magical thinking can be a good thing. Right?

Here are the highlights: This is a more exciting year than last year. Travel opportunities and chances to explore adventure and thrilling new experiences are yours. This is influence is the strongest it's been for about 12 years (note: that would be shortly before I was pregnant with Smartypants).

It's not just travel. Any aspect of education with get a lovely boost. 2009 is your chance to reach out and grab more of life in terms of knowledge, experiences and understanding or religion, politics and philosophy.

Publishing and the media... are exceptionally favored....

This seems like a good time to let you know that not only will my Club Med Punta Cana experience be posted soon at Traveling Mom, but I'm going to join their blogging team, too. Something I agreed to just a day or two before this horoscope came out.

Bring on the travel! And the knowledge! And the money! (Yeah, that was mentioned, too.) I'm crossing my fingers, poo-pooing the evil eye, tossing a bit of salt over my shoulder and hoping that maybe there is something to this astrology thing.

What are you hoping for in the year ahead?
Any predictions? I usually stick with boring ones and I'm usually right.


Amy said...

Congrats to you! Looks like your 2009 is going to be exciting!

My goals for 2009- (Well, I don't really have any control over this, but it's my goal) to bring our adopted kid home!

Leighann said...

Good for you...on all accounts. Here's to a great new year!

Naomi said...

That book looks great but it's not listed in our library catalog. Of course.

Happy New Year!

Kristina said...

I commented earlier but when I came back I had a 404 so not sure if it went through...

But OMG! Congrats! I am going to check out that site. And now you need to tell me where DH and I should go in about a year and a half when we have babysitters for both kids. I want relaxation and no kids... I guess the opposite of travelingmom, huh? LOL

kristina said...

I've sort been good with the healthy eating for the past 3 days. I'd like to be a loser too.

As for your astrology prediction, I say go with it. I predict you will have much success with blogging and social media (and other freelance adventures) in 2009. I would even put my money on it (if I had any extra $$$).

As for Traveling Moms blog. Congrats. Does this mean free trips?

Looking forward to all of your posts in '09.

Kim Moldofsky said...

The blue bird of happiness almost took a big dump on me today. I'll write more soon.

Amy- I hope the adoption works out! I have a friend picking up her little boy right this minute.

Leighann- I hope you have a great year, too. I'm sure our paths will cross soon.

Naomi- our public library is freakin' awesome. Great books, lots of DVDs, tech services, music, programming for a range of ages and cultures. Cool stuff all around.

Kristina1- a whole year and half wait? I hope you can manage an overnight or two without kiddos in the meantime. Don't worry, TravelingMom has ideas for couples getaways, too!

Kristina2- I think TravelingMom means new blog buddies and blog readers as well as new opportunities, travel and otherwise. Actually, just from posting on my own blog about my Club Med experience, I've received other travel offers. Woot! Now I just need an offer for great location somewhere between Chicago and St. Louis!

Kristina said...

Hey Leighann, aren't you some where between Chicago and St. Louis?

Anyhow, can't wait to read more about your travels.

And I hope the blue bird of happiness is done dumping.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Congratulations, Kim! The traveling thing sounds wonderful! Looks like 09 is already shaping up to be a great year for you!