Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fun = Fridge Fun

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This week's Friday fun is courtesy of Selfish Mom. Check out the Fridge Fun and other time sinks over at Lunchtimers.

Have a good weekend!

Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day? We generally let the Hallmark Holiday slip by without a glimpse, other than what the boys might do at school, but as the hype ramps up, I start feeling left out of the party. Maybe fresh flowers or a few chocolates, might be nice- diet and budget be damned.

I could use a little love holiday. Maybe I'll have to make my own. Something with a foot massage a rose petals wold be nice. Too bad DH doesn't read my blog.


Gladys said...

By fun do you mean sitting on the couch watching sappy love stories on TV and eating copious quantaties of chocolate truffles and drinking lots of bubbly, well then yes. Yes I am.

Naomi said...

Given the fact that the hubby (who hates "commercial holidays") and the almost-five-year-old daughter (who thinks Valentine's Day is the most amazing, pink fluffy goodness, ever!) are away, I sincerely doubt Jasper and I will be doing much. Sad but true.

kristina said...

We're not big on Valentines, either. Although chocolate is always nice.