Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fun: Your period. (Really?)

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Have you ever noticed those wrappers on feminine hygiene products imprinted with upbeat messages including exercise tips or reminders to "Have a happy period!" Do they put a smile on your face?

I didn't think so. Periods can be a crampy messy pain, but here's where the fun comes in. Or maybe it's just the interesting part. Erinn, one of my new Twitter buddies is giving away five copies of The Little Red Book over on her blog, Parenting our Children.

The Little Red Book is an anthology from women around the world about the time they began menstruating. According to Erinn, some of these essays are funny, so there's your Friday Fun, after all.


Kristina said...

Here I thought you were gonna say you're on your period and I was going to be a big dork and say, Hey, we're on the same cycle. They say that about friends or co-workers. Of course, those are women who are around each other all the time. I thought maybe the period sync had reached the blogosphere.

OK, that was a random tangent.

But I'll go check out the book/site.

Chief Family Officer said...

The "Have a Happy Period!" message always bugs me – I'm glad I'm not the only one!