Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I just flew in from Boca and boy are my arms tired.

I'm reading: I just flew in from Boca and boy are my arms tired.Tweet this!

I mean, I just drove back in from Chicago from an event sponsored by BOCA- you know, the veggie burger folks?

If people want to know why some mommybloggers* are turning in to divas, well, it's because of marketing events like the one I just came from. It was hosted at Spa Soak, in Wicker Park, catered by, ugh, I forgot.

I like me some BOCA Burgers, but I was a bit worried the food would be all BOCA, all night, but it wasn't. Of course, there were the obligatory burgers, but they were served along with mixed greens, a citrussy deliciousy couscous salad, and a lentil and goat cheese salad.

I was the only one to go back for seconds, and if everyone left the room, I would've had thirds.

But the food paled in comparison to the spa activities. I mean in comparison to my blog buddies. I got to hang with MJ of Chicagonista, Veronica of Viva la Feminista, Danielle** of Foodmomiac, Serena of Chic Simple Moms, Carolyn of Green City Market's Locavore Blog, Blagica** of Gal's Guide. I also rubbed elbows ever so briefly with The Local Tourist and Miss Zoot, who it turns out is not related to my friend and Guinness Record holder Ivan Zoot. Oh, and Jeanne at House in progress is still working on all sorts of interesting projects.

The project of the night, though, was BOCA's brief explanation of their new site and contest, which, ironically, is not available as I type this. So check out the regular Boca site and look for the big news. They are giving away $5,000 to help one lucky person live a more balanced life. Even after taxes, that will buy the winner a few spa days, cleaning help and repeated visits from a babysitter. Or it can be used to send your child to overnight camp for a month. The possibilities are endless.

There were other nice people there, too, but it's hard to work the room when your feet are soaking. It's also hard to meet people when your feet are dry and pretty, but they are in a mini-mediation class.

Thanks BOCA, Edelman, and Spa Soak staff for a fun night!

* Apparently Jessica Gottlieb says it's time to take back the term.
**Also Edelman employees.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

What a fun event Kim!

Kristina said...

Sounds like lots of fun.

Naomi said...

eYou definitely make me wish I lived in the big city sometimes...