Monday, February 09, 2009

We have a winner!

I'm reading: We have a winner!Tweet this!

Yes, I have a winner in my tamp-fabulous giveaway!

But first, the runners up:

Kim from House of Prince, who shares my PMS cravings. I will send her good vibes to gain a BlogHer sponsorship and hope that she will win the craft from the next hostess.

Helen from Red Dirt Woman. I don't know Helen and hadn't heard of her blog prior to my contest, so I think it was especially brave of her to enter such an bizarre contest.
Anna is already a winner because she gets about 150 comments on every blog post.

But the winner of the giveaway is....
Amy from Selfish Mom! It's partly because I love the idea of this craft crossing the country to NYC and partly because of Amy's idea itself. I hesitate to call it a great idea. In fact, I'm having a trouble finding the proper adjective to describe what she mentioned in her winning comment, so I'll just repost it.

I will say that every time I see a picture of that tampon decoration, I get a vision in my head of a Fox show about six women who have to spend one week a month together, doing everything together...kind of like "Chains of Love" but with tampons instead of chains.

Congrats, Amy! Let me know when those folks from Fox programming cut you a check!


Selfish Mom said...

Thank you! Thank you! I had a speech prepared, but I wrote it on a maxi pad, and well...

Kim Moldofsky said...

Ah, she's still making me laugh.

I have to add that HouseOfPrince mentioned the word bitchtasticness, though I don't know if it was in reference to me or the craft ;-)

kristina said...

Love Amy's Fox comment!