Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blog? Look away. There is no blog here.

I'm reading: Blog? Look away. There is no blog here.Tweet this!

In my real life, none of my friends blog. And when it comes to the crowd of, say, parents from my boys' new school or teachers at said school, I just generally figure that the less I say about my blog, the better.

Which is why I was especially surprised when I asked my boys what they tell their teachers I do all day and they both answered, "We say you're a blogger." So much for anonymity.

I guess we should have had that discussion prior to the start of the school year.

At any rate, I'm trying to get them to call me a social media consultant. That tends to confuse people. A few web 2.0 savvy folks might ask for details, but most people just squiggle up their brow and move on to a more interesting topic. (As if there's something more interesting than social media.)

I try to write honestly, but in a way that would not embarrass me (too much) in front of say, my family (speaking of which, hi Myra) or my boys' teachers.

Although it's nice and certainly complimentary, when IRL peeps tell me they read my blog, it always causes a deer in the headlights moment for me. Really? Somebody I know reads this blog. It's goofy, I know.

However, last weekend I had a discussion with Real Life Julia, someone I know IRL who not only reads my blog, but comments on it (represent, people!), and we're taking it to the next level- she's working on a guest post for me.

So I guess the intersection of real life and virtual life is not necessarily a bad thing. Which is a good thing because apparently half of my high school graduating class is now on Facebook.

How do you manage the intersection of real life and virtual life?

Edited 3/4/09 to add that this post by Daisy at Compost Happens tackles this issue from the opposite side- what happens when a teacher blogs?


Sprite's Keeper said...

I've met some fellow bloggers (one in my area for a couple of playdates) and while it can be confusing at first since we know a lot more about each other before we've met and that can trip up a conversation sometimes, but things are usually easier to discuss because they already "know" you and like you. A couple of people IRL have told me they read my blog (including my manager, which weirded me out when he pulled a quote from a post of mine and used it in a meeting. I just kept looking at the quote on the screen, thinking "Wow that looks familiar." ), and I have that same reaction of deer in the headlights, but then get over myself and move on.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I was a tad freaked out when I was interviewed in the local paper last month and walked into my 3-year-old's daycare class to see the article clipped and posted to the bulletin board! None of my friends blog and I just don't talk about it at work although my boss thinks it's really pretty neat. I just find that the only people who really "care" about social media are fellow bloggers.

Kristina said...

Most of my IRL friends do not blog or know what Twitter is, though they're all on FB. I recently became FB friends with some preschool moms and I'm not sure if it is a good thing because they can now read my blog (if they wanted) and I had some blogs planned about preschool. I have the deer in the headlight thing, too. Sometimes, I just feel naked out there on the WWW.

Chief Family Officer said...

Funny, I've been thinking about this a lot because I hardly know anyone IRL who blogs, although a few friends do read mine. Of course, when I mention Twitter, I'm met with blank stares. Which is probably the same reaction I'd get if I said "social media consultant"!

Nithya said...

I recently started a blog and I none of my real world friends are aware that I blog. I guess one of the reasons for me not to publicize that fact is that I'm not sure how far this blogging is going to take me.

Keeping this to myself and the internet world leaves me room to back out which is really not a good thing. Not having an exit strategy could sometimes propel us towards progress, I guess.

stacey @ tree, root, and twig said...

I have about a dozen friends who blog casually - though no one is involved in social media to the extent that I am. But they ALL read my stuff, and I have found that it sometimes makes me hyper-conscious about what I should (or shouldn't!) include in my posts. This doesn't bug me too much. Emphasis on "too."

melanie said...

i think the weirdest thing for me is knowing that my pastor reads my blog (very regularly). it isn't that i write anything he should see or know about but i feel like he knows me a lot more personally than i know him. i feel like there should be some sort of equal revelation on his part. mostly i try not to think about it.

selfmademom said...

Ok this is so funny to me, because my IRL friends read my blog too! Probably more than my blog friends. But I'm still so not used to that intersection of life and blogging...