Monday, March 30, 2009

Gifted kids and out-of-level testing

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I've been working on my weekly marketing to mommybloggers post all day, but my heart and mind are elsewhere. Today I received the results from the EXPLORE tests my boys took a few weeks ago.

The EXPLORE test is a nationally normed test that 8th graders typically take each fall. In our area, the high schools use the test results to help place students for their freshman year.

When younger children take these tests, parents and schools receive information that can help with placement. Comparing young gifted kids to older children is more indicative and useful than simply comparing them to age peers.

The results? Pikachu, my third grader had a higher composite (overall) score than an average 8th grader.


And Smartypants, my 5th grader? Well, apparently, he's academically ready for high school. Based on scores alone, he's more ready than the vast majority of 8th graders. Except he still has to go through all that soul-searing social-emotional junior high crap.

If DH does not have a job by the summer, I'm thinking we might as well cash in our savings and travel around the country for a year. Or maybe South America would be cheaper? All I need is a power source and wifi and my consulting is good to go.

Of course, DH has his garden to consider (it's the subject of his blog, after all!), and there are tricky things like health care and medical insurance. Okay, it probably won't happen. Which is why I went through the effort of scheduling a meeting at school next week.

And really, if I think sending a few emails to arrange a meeting is effort. We probably wouldn't make it beyond the city limits, anyway.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Nice to imagine though... ;-)

Heather said...

Very impressive! You sure you don't
want to take that road trip to my state, land of the gifted IEP?

I just dd's scores back from her IEP testing and am not sure what our next steps are.

Naomi said...

My parents live a block away and they have a pool... come visit!

RL Julia said...

Do it. Go to South America and Asia and have a great time! Put your stuff into storage and rent your house for a year. Do it and don't look back.

Jeanne B. said...

Both of my children did out-of grade-level testing through JHU and my 8th grader just took the Northwest Talent Search Test in January. I used the results to advocate for a subject and then a grade skip for my oldest - it was the only thing I could do for him without enrolling in private school. The skip was very successful! He landed in 7th grade and proceeded to sleep through pre-algebra (Still got an "A"). He was criticized by his advisor for not making an effort (he did have a 4.0 - what else is he supposed to do???)- maybe we should have done 2 skips - but there's that whole growing-up package to deal with!

All I can say is use the info to advocate for accommodations and consider subject or grade acceleration. See "Nation Deceived". Look into the online programs at the Talent Search colleges to supplement. We had great success with all the above!

Kristina said...

I hope the meeting goes well. Keep us posted.

Kim Moldofsky said...

This is inspiring and get my mind wandering... Soul Travelers 3
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