Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goodies, Giveaways and More

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The Spatulatta webisodes my boys filmed a few weeks ago are now live. The normally health-conscious show went wild with an April Fool's themed episode of faux-gross sweets. Check it out and get a glimpse at Smartypants and Pikachu in the (virtual) flesh.

Start out with the signature dish from the Moldy boys- a Moldy Sandwich and click off to Vomit Cookies, Surprisingly tasty Doggie Doo Doo Drops, slimy Snot Blobs and Kitty Litter Cake with Tootsie Roll Turds. Fun stuff, y'all.

I'm giving away a copy of National Geographic's 10 Best of Everything Family Travel book over at Traveling Mom. Just click and comment to win this fabulous, fun book.

Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream is giving away an ice cream party for you and up to 100 of your friends. Details here.

After talking with our friends at the Chicago locavore site, The Local Beet, we're thinking about getting an ice cream maker of our own. If you have any recommendations, let me know. We used to have one that required rock sa
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lt and ice and, frankly, it was a huge pain. Modern ice cream makers are easier and more convenient. Because I really need more ice cream, right?

Tomorrow I'm hosting a guest blogger with a post on gifted girls, a topic about which I know nothing. I'm all about the boys. Stop by; won't you?

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