Thursday, March 26, 2009

Parenting a gifted child

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I've got two helpful bits on parenting a gifted child.
1) Carol Fertig's new book Raising a Gifted Child: A Parenting Success Handbook is a promising resource that I started reading an embarrassingly long time ago after receiving a review copy from the folks at Prufrock Press. I was enjoying it and liked her practical approach to items such as handling your gifted child's boredom at school. In order to be more specific, I need to recall on which shelf I placed the book so I can finish reading it and post a proper review. Give me two weeks?

2) Dr. Jerry Schecter, a north suburban psychologist who works with gifted children and their families and who graciously gave a talk on "Gifted kids and challenge" at my house last fall, is getting ready to host another SENG group.

This is a structured support/education group in which to share, discuss and learn about some of the challenges of raising a gifted child. What? These bright children aren't just a joy? They certainly can be, but many gifted children also have various intensities or overexcitabilities, they can be very perfectionistic, and can suffer from being under-challenged at school.

Dr. Schecter uses the SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted) model. Please note that I have not particpated in Dr. Schecter's groups, but I know several moms who've told me they benefited from the experience and am happy to share details of his next session.

The new group will begin on Thursday, April 16 and continue on April 30 and Thursdays thereafter through June 4. Each session will run from 9:45 to 11:15 AM at his Skokie office. I will be available for coffee at a Skokie Starbucks starting at 11:30 if you want to talk more (kidding!)

Group size is limited to six parents. Participants are expected to obtain a copy of Guiding the Gifted Child. Call Dr. Schecter at 847-679-5243 to discuss fees or other information. Alternately, you can email him at gifteddoc(at)hotmail(dot)com for further details.

Happy parenting! If you have a parenting resource to share please note it in the comment section.

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Jeanne said...

I would also suggest "Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children" by Barbara Jackson Gilman, M.S. - particularly for young gifted kids - it is so much easier to start them off on the right foot in school and academic acceleration may be worth looking into if you have a bright preschooler!

Callista said...

I look forward to what you thought of the book.

You won an award at Callista's Ramblings