Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sharpie faux tie-dye

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Over two years ago I wrote about a Sharpie faux tie-dye project the boys and I tackled after I found expired rubbing alcohol in my medicine cabinet. This post continues to bring readers to my blog each day via Google, so I thought it was worth highlighting.

In the time since I originally posted Sharpie has launched a blog and a Twitter presence.

I plan to bring more of my archived posts to the forefront in 2009.

January 2007:

I'm not sure if an unopened bottle of rubbing alcohol can truly expire, but that's what the bottle says. What the heck, it's January; out with the old and in with the new. I didn't want to simply dump the old stuff down the drain, though.

So I called upon my good friend Google to help me find a simple craft idea using rubbing alcohol. Here it is: The Rubbing Alcohol and Sharpie Marker Faux Tie-Dye. (Google never lets me down.)

To make a Sharpie tie-dye, stretch the dry t-shirt over the pan/bowl or put aluminum foil or cardboard inside the shirt. Make a series of dots using the Sharpie markers and use an eyedropper or cotton swabs to gently apply the rubbing alcohol over the dots. (I'm told you can also use a spray bottle, but spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol + two energetic little boys seems like a dangerous combo.) As the shirt soaks up the alcohol, the color spreads, creating a tie-dye effect.

Allow the shirt to dry and then iron or put it in the dryer on high for 15 minutes to set the design. (Again, fabric drenched in combustible liquid + intense heat = danger, so let the shirt dry before setting the design in the dryer.) Wash as normal. Do this in a well-ventilated area or outside project to avoid a build-up of fumes from the alcohol.


JJ said...

Great idea, Kim!! Thanks for retweeting/posting it!

Gonna do this with the boys soon!

Bonggamom said...

What a fun project! I just hope that my 7-year old doesn't see these instructions and take it upon herself to "tie-dye" all her shirts all on her own :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!! We're big tie-dye fans around here, so we'll definitely try this out.