Monday, March 23, 2009

Where I've been and where I'm headed

I'm reading: Where I've been and where I'm headedTweet this!

Last week we partied with the folks from the great Chicago locavore site, The Local Beet at Mado in Wicker Park. Good food and good folks all around; we rubbed elbows with a veritable Who's Who of Chicago food. Here's a photo of my friend Jen from Chicago Moms Blog and Chicago Green Families along with Local Beet founder Michael Morowitz and a jar of fresh (wait for it) local beets.DH writes a gardening blog over at the site. Below is his attempt at late winter gardening. He's growing lettuce and spinach just inches from his pillow in the bay window. The cut-up tubes are housing what he hopes will be eggplant and tomato seedlings. The former toilet paper and paper towel tubes are poor man's peat pots. After all, he's been out of a job for over five months. Also, we read online that this would work.My boy are on Spring Break this week, so my posting may be light. We're headed to the Stern pinball factory and Key Lime Cove. I may also attend a reading for a local author at Women and Children First and I'm definitely heading to the city for an afternoon at the Greater Chicago Food Depository with MJ of Chicagonista, other blogfriends and a few folks from Quaker.

How are you spending Spring Break?


Shari said...

You are not going to leave us hanging, are you? Did you eat the beets?

2KoP said...

Three of my kids and I are driving down to FL (ugh, 22+ hours each way). Fourth boy is flying out to Seattle to visit my stepson.

Thanks for the info on the pinball place. Have you been there before? We have an actual pinball machine in our basement that my DH just got up and running again. I think he and my three boys would love to visit Stern's.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Is it spring break? I don't know of such things yet. Enjoy the time with your family.

Kristina said...

Love the gardening. Didn't know your DH was a gardener. I'm not, just a wannabe. We're on spring break, too, and the kids are sick, so we're pretty much just hanging and visiting the doctor. Not much fun.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Well, I didn't make it to the reading, but we did have a good time at Stern Pinball earlier today.

@Shari- I DID eat some beets at the party. They were amazing, nothing like that syrupy bottled stuff at Jewel.

@2KoP- yes, go for a visit. It's a private tour. And free!

@Renee some day you will experience the joy of Spring Break, too.

@Kristina- DH is not a gardener, he just plays one of the blog. Really. It's helped motivated him to learn he can destroy our yard in the name of homegrown veggies.