Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Explanation of how I Made History Last Week

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Granted, this may not be one for the record books, but I just may have been the first person (or mom, at least) to be quoted in the New York Times and NYC's Printed Blog on the same day. What an odd intersection of old new media.

I take it that you have heard of the New York Times. The Printed Blog is just what it sounds like. They take interesting bits from around the blogsphere, print them on paper(!) and distribute at popular commuter hubs, like train stations. They sell highly targeted, but relatively inexpensive advertising. It's an interesting idea.

The NY Times piece was on orthodontia in tough economic times. Yep, despite DH's unemployment, Smartypants got braces earlier this year. He got them not just for an overbite, as noted in the article, but a host of other issues as well. Hes in what's now called "Phase One" orthodontia. Phase One is about alignment and jaw issues, not cosmetics.

Although I'm quoted accurately, the article makes is sound like we've given up our country club lifestyle to finance his braces. If you know me, you know I've never had a country club lifestyle!

And I cringed as Smartypants excitedly read his friend the articles opening lines over the phone, "With her husband newly unemployed, Kim Moldofsky isn't about to drop thousands of dollars guilt-free.

"Except to straighten out her firstborn’s teeth.

"The way she sees it, dipping into their rainy-day savings to correct her [son's] overbite is a sound investment when few exist." It's his first taste of fame and he's already drunk on it. Read the full article here

The piece was also fodder for a post on the Dental Divide on the Free Exchange blog over at

Take a look a the full copy of issue 10 of the Printed Blog, New York. My quote was a part of a compilation of answers to a question they tweeted, "What TV or movie character did you look up to when you were younger?" See all the answers here. And leave yours below.


Naomi said...

They used to have a live-action Japanese show called Go Rangers when I was little. I think it was a predecessor to Power Rangers? Anyway, the female Ranger was dressed all in pink with a big red heart on her helmet and they called her "Miss America." Out of the Ranger uniform she was a Japanese girl with a blonde flip hairdo. Awesome.

Scarred me for life, I tell ya.

Kristina said...

I'm so honored to know a history-maker :). Cool being quoted in the 2 sources.

ChefDruck said...