Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gifted Kids and Gifted Education in Illinois

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Please chime in to support HB4044, which will provide increased funding for gifted children in Illinois public schools.

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children has easy peasy instructions on their website with tips on who to call (or fax or email) and what to say.

And if you're free next Wednesday, April 29, consider heading down to Springfield for a "gifted education advocacy action day." I'm sitting out this trip, but I am pleased to know that last year the legislature approved a pocketful of change for gifted education. This would not have happened if parents and educators did not speak up for gifted children.

I hope that with continued advocacy our state will return to, let's say surpass, where we were roughly five years ago when the gifted budget was cut and the mandate for gifted education was ended.

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Terry said...

Thanks for sharing information about Illinois HB4044 and Gifted Day in Springfield on April 29th.
Sorry you won't make it, but hope lots more will be there. Go to and click on the ALERT.
Gov. Quinn has a history of "grassroots democracy" so we hope he'll be receptive.
And thanks for calling IAGC's instructions "easy peasy."
I don't remember our work ever being called that before, but I think I like it and will try to keep it in mind as a guide for future calls-to-action.
IAGC Consultant and Parent Affiliates Chairman