Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to Hormone-colored Days

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Smartypants is taking one of those weekend gifted enrichment classes. The program he's in offers weekly lectures for parents. At last week's lecture, the speaker (yet another mature woman who was so thrown for a loop raising her own gifted children that understanding and educating gifted children became her life's work) mentioned that one of the challenges of raising gifted kids is not just the isolation they feel, but the isolation their parents feel. Amen!

Gifted kids can be intense and challenging. Gifted children can be quirky and socially awkward. But it's not socially acceptable to discuss these issues in mixed company because, as you may be aware, there are worse problems than having a kindergarten genius or pint-sized prodigy.

So I decided to pass around cards with my blog info and I'm offering up a little welcome in case any of them click.

{clears throat}

Welcome to my blog. I started writing here about 3.5 years ago and have nearly 50 gifted-themed posts to date. I also write fairly often about marketing to mommybloggers (and consult in this area as well). And, because it's my blog, I also write about whatever else I want, like funny stuff.

I also do occasional product reviews and give my readers a chance to win one of whatever is it I got (like a Lands' End bathing suit--enter through the weekend).

While I do have dedicated readers, many parents and educators find my blog through Google. Each day, people land here searching terms like gifted but socially awkward, gifted grade acceleration, and gifted education in Illinois. Some of the folks at the Illinois Association of Gifted Children pop in here (Hi Terry!), a few of my posts have been reprinted elsewhere and I've been linked to other gifted blog and boards as far away as Australia.

Which is not to say I have anything to offer you. Indeed, I sometimes share resources, but mostly I share my thoughts.

I've written about leaving the public schools, and what happened to my oldest, highly gifted child when he was in public school. I've written a bit about the private school for gifted kids that my children attended for three years and I've written about my gifted boys returning to public school.

Sometimes I talk about advocating for gifted education.

As the wonderful speaker said last week: There is no perfect parent and there is no perfect school. On this blog, I provide plenty of evidence that she's right.

The fact is, when it comes to raising my highly gifted boys, I don't really know what I'm doing. But I can share my thoughts, my journey. You can choose to read and relate and maybe learn from my mistakes. Or you can click away from my blog, write me off as a crazy mama and avoid all eye contact with me at the remainder of the Saturday morning lectures.

Comments are always welcome.

Here's a listing of all my posts on giftedness and raising gifted children.


Shari said...

Oh, you are so right when you say there are no perfect schools for chidlren -- gifted or not. Schools are only one part of the education process.

RL Julia said...

There is no perfect school - actually there is no perfect anything (but that's a conversation best taken on with a glass of wine on hand perhaps).

What I would love to hear about is what the year in public school has taught you and your sons - the good, the bad and the ugly. What have you all learned that maybe you wouldn't have learned if you had stayed at GA.

Kristina said...

I look at Kim as an authority on gifted education. Her experiences likely emulate those of hundreds of parents across the nation (world).