Thursday, June 11, 2009

Advocating for Gifted Kids

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My gifted mojo is down and my stress level is way up. We're talking past 11. I continue to ponder gifted education, parenting gifted children and what I can offer to help you learn from my mistakes. I have big ideas about posts of what gifted kids learn at school beyond (or instead) of academics and a few other thoughts. I just can't gather them in a coherent manner just yet.

Oh, and I should mention that by the time you read this my children will have finished school for the year. But I can't think about that. I can't think more than a day or two ahead right now. Which, as you might imagine is not a really effective way to manage my work/family/life.

Which is why I'm sending you over to Jeanne's blog to read her excellent post on Advocating for Gifted Children. Her post, a summary of an Ohio Gifted Roundtable, is a great primer and can be adapted for a range of special needs populations.

Click to read my more coherent thoughts (and great reader comments) on gifted education and raising gifted children.

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Kristina said...

I always look forward to your thoughts on gifted kids.