Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Healthy Choice and Healthy Choices on Twitter

I'm reading: Healthy Choice and Healthy Choices on TwitterTweet this!

My days have been running together since school got out. You, too? Anyway, tomorrow night (pause to check calendar) Thursday, June 25, from 8-10 EST, Healthy Choice is hosting a Twitter party along with Healthy Choice brand ambassadors Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations and Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy.

The discussion will focus on healthy choices we make (or try to make) when it comes to food, family and life. And of course, there will be coupons and a chance to win some of the new Healthy Choice meals.

Remember that new client I mentioned who brought me on as their Social Media Mom? It's ConAgra, maker of Healthy Choice meals and dozens of other foods. My role as Social Media Mom is mostly behind the scenes. They hired me to provide strategic advice, not to put my face in front of their brands. But I'll stick my neck out here and there when it feels right.

Like now.

Late in 2008 as I was talking with the ConAgran who brought me on board, we reviewed there various brands. Though I was eager to work with her and the company, I'm not one for the #fakegush, so I was honest with her. "I haven't eaten a Healthy Choice meal since I tried them when they came out nearly 20 years ago," I admitted.

Thankfully, rather than show me the door, she promised me changes were afoot. 2009 brought those changes. Healthy Choice has fresh new meal choices, a new look and a new customer--me.

Yes, I was sent free samples, but since then I've been spending my own hard-earned money (or DH's unemployment check, take your pick) on Healthy Choice meals.

Even better, my local blogging pal Carrie Kirby of Shoplifting with Permission taught me about "Catalina deals" and on two occasions so far, I've spent $25 on Healthy Choice (and other ConAgra products) and received $10 coupons good for my next visit to the supermarket as part of the special. That's a lot of food for $15 net. Low fat, low salt Healthy Choice meals are as good for the bottom line in my checkbook as they are for the bottom line I squeeze into my jeans.

I hope to see you at the Twitter party!

(P.S. Just to be clear, this was not a sponsored post; I'm writing of my own volition on my own time because I think the brand really improved. The new Healthy Choice is worth a taste.)


Anonymous said...

I really like the new meals, especially for all the vegetarian options (and even some that don't say "vegetarian" have dairy, but no meat). Great for me since I *try* to pack my lunch for the office.

TheAngelForever said...

Hubby and I agree with you. We were very excited to try the new Healthy Choice meals. He is basically vegetarian and loved all of the new options. We now buy them regularly for quick lunches.