Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More on Decluttering

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Make that moron decluttering. I wrote this post, oh dear, over a month ago. I've be doing a lot of IRL cleaning house, and now I'm trying to clear through blog entries that never made it out of their "draft" status. Ironically, I've already published the follow up to this piece, How I Lost 130 Pounds in Three Weeks: Five Unusual Tips for Decluttering.

(May 2009) I'm buried under a virtual pile of email and burdened by a personal to-do list that is growing longer and more pressing by the second. Professionally, things are going well. I'm keeping busy with client projects that are taking up a lot of my creative energy, which is great, fabulous and fun, really.

Oh, and I'm cleaning out lots of clutter. We will likely be either putting our house on the market soon or renting it out or who knows what (no, we aren't going into a homeless shelter or anything that dire), but there's likely a bit of upheaval ahead.

I've been decluttering for a couple of weeks, but now I'm sharpening my vision. As I look at stuff, I have to think, would I want to pay to keep that in storage? And that adds a whole new perspective to the "keep or toss" game.

Our couches, the piano, boxes of old letters and photo albums? Keep.

The small wardrobe stuffed to the gills with craft supplies? The random bits of yarn and spool of orange tulle are not as compelling as they once seemed. Toss.

The bag full of several alphabets worth of keys from old computer keyboards: Keep. There's an awesome art project in there somewhere.

Expired credit and used gift cards? Keep. Remember that fabulous mosaic Martha Stewart created in a old American Express commercial? I'm going to do that. Someday.

The whole world knows when I'm cleaning out the deep recesses of my house because I try to avoid throwing anything out. I call upon friends and the teachers at my boys' school. Any chance at giving our stuff a second life.

How about you? Can you dump without guilt?

Read up on my decluttering strategies.


Naomi said...

I need to do a purge, too. I suspect it would be cleansing...

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh yeah, I LOVE decluttering. Makes me happier than buying things
in fact I'll be doing it all this week


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

For quite a while I have known that the basement needed to have a good purging. But there never seemed to be extra time.

The good thing about our recent flood was that it forced me to go through things. I found I was much more ruthless than I might have been without seeing EVERYTHING stacked on my patio.

I still have some boxes to go through, but a much, much smaller pile than before.