Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Cluttercast: A Canadian Puzzle

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I'm taking a cue from Darryle over at Cluttercast and hosting my own giveaway. A Cluttercast is something midway on the continuum between Freecycle and Craig's List. Each week, Darryle offers up a few no longer needed or loved items from her home and people write in to express their interest in those pieces. Though there is no charge for the item itself, there is often a small shipping fee so she doesn't go broke as she shares her former household items.

On June 29, two moms from the Canada Moms Blog, sister site of the Chicago Moms Blog are taking a two week road trip across Canada. They'll be driving from Moncton to Halifax up to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and into Quebec. From there they will head to and then fly to Edmonton and go who knows where.

Did I mention they are taking this trip with their kids? Why the kids? That is a Canadian puzzle.

Who is brave (or crazy) enough for such an adventure? None other than uber-bloggers Catherine of Her Bad Mother and Katie of Motherbumper.

On to the Cluttercast. I've got this small puzzle of Canada. I don't have it near me at the moment, but it's one of those deals that's about 8 x 12 with about 15 thick cardboard pieces that fit into a little frame that maps out all the provinces in details.

What a great way to follow the Mom Road Trip, right? Wouldn't you love to have this? Tell me why.

The trip starts tomorrow, so comment now if you're interested and I will choose a winner (US or Canadian) by 11 pm CST on June 30.

I'm hoping I can just stick the thing in an envelope and it won't cost much to ship, so there's no charge for the winner. However, if she wants to buy me a cookie at BlogHer (which for me is way more appealing than a drink), I'm up for it. Alternately, if she chooses to tattoo my blog url on some body part as thanks, that's cool too.


Daisy said...

I'm interested! Is it current? All the borders correct, etc.? I'd use it in school.

Donna said...

I would like it to teach my kids.

Erica Cosgrove said...

I would love to have the puzzle to teach my Canadian kids who live in Silicon Valley about life in the old country!