Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Commandments of BlogHer Success

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So I'm part of this online community for Collective Bias* and started a discussion on tips for BlogHer success. I offered up one commandment for BlogHer success and asked others to add on. Here's what other top bloggers had to say about a good time at BlogHer.

I started it off with:
Thou shalt remember that blogging is not a competitive sport. BlogHer offers incredible opportunities to come together as a community. If you're blog makes you feel happy, successful or fulfilled that's great. Don't mess that up by comparing yourself to bloggers who have larger readerships, better swag, more party invites or cuter shoes or whatever. Try to feel the love.

Thou shalt remember that everyone else (OK maybe not everyone but a whole lot of em) are just as nervous and apprehensive as you. It is OK to approach anyone to just say hi, or to squee or to give them a hug. We are all there for the same thing.

Stanley (What? A guy?):
I've never been to a blog/social media conference, but I would imagine "acting the same as you are on your blog" would be a good start.

Naomi, a BlogHer newbie, but music conference veteran (we're talking like old skool SXSW): Pace yourself in all things. It's a lot to stuff into one weekend!

Anne-Marie Nichols:
Don't forget to eat, especially if you are planning to drink at the parties.
Wear comfortable shoes - there's lots of walking back and forth to sessions and to your room.
Make time to call the family once a day.
Travel extension cords/power strips are a must and will make you new friends!
Keep hydrated and keep some Advil on you at all times.
Session rooms can be too hot...or too cold. Wear layers, just like your mom always advised you to do.

Bring a multiple outlet extension cord and you'll make lots of friends.
Be outgoing-don't be afraid to walk up to people and say "Hi, I'm Jenn and I blog at Frugal Upstate. What do you do?"-they are likely to be glad you broke the ice.
Mark your Iphone charger and cord. They all look alike :)
Sleep is over-rated.
Cute shoes are nice. Comfortable shoes are better. (Yeah-I've heard shoes are big, but if my feet hurt I'm not at my best!)
It never hurts to have a snack in your purse. Just in case.

Thought my advice was spot-on and commented how wonderful it's been when she's met other bloggers. I agree.

Can't attend this year. However, last year she was extremely nervous before BlogHer. She thought about why, and then blogged about it. She was concerned about what others would think about her, so she wrote a post about all her bad habits. Once she'd given everyone fair warning, she was able to relax a bit more.

Thou Shalt Go in With Confidence, be the person you are on your blog after all it is when we are the most real and why everyone loves you :)

And of course, one more tip- join in the fun at the BowlHer party, which is the brainchild of the Collective Bias folks.

What commandments would you add?

*Contact GeekMommy if you're interested in being a part of this community.


Jodi said...

Thanks! I'm a BlogHer newbie this year, and these tips will really help!

Kim Moldofsky said...

That's what I'm here for. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not stress out. Most people are there for essentially the same reason: to connect. Those who you read and who read you *already know you* and will be delighted to see you -- just as you are.

Have fun!

(And Kim, I cannot WAIT to see you again!)

Amy @ Suburban Kvetch said...

I think these are great in theory - I went to BlogHer in 2007 and found it cliquish - more like a red carpet for superstar bloggers than a conference of like-minded women.

Therefore, I enjoy blogging in the comfort of my pajamas, at home - and I shall venture out to a party or two only. Maybe. :)

Stimey said...

These are great tips! I would add that you should try not to go in with huge expectations. Relax and enjoy everyone you meet, not just the people whose blogs you already know. You'll find all kinds of cool people and blogs.

Kim Moldofsky said...

@toddlerplanet right back attcha!

@stimey good tip

@Amy I felt that way after the first year, but I was able to attend last year's and as a returnee it felt much more comfortable. Besides there are so many more blogs now and the rock stars are 2007 are barely a blip on the radar of some of the newer bloggers.

I've been mulling a post on "chick who clique" but never got around to it. Basically if you're hanging with old friends you only see once a year, it's going to look cliquey. It's a big conference, we should all be open to meeting new people and expanding our horizons.

Sprite's Keeper said...

You all seem to have covered the cornerstones, the only tip I can think of is "Wear deoderant. You don't want to be THAT person."
This is also my first time attending and I am going to meet some people (like you, Kim!) that I've admired for quite a while and I'm looking forward to that. I would love to meet some of the "rockstars", but the people who really make me "squee" are the ones who comment back.
And I just signed on for BowlHer!

Cindy Fey said...

Great tips, Kim and co! Thanks for posting this.

I don't know if your body operates like mine, but I MUST have sleep and food to have a good conference experience. I'm not sure I'll be making any of the early morning sessions. And I'm always amazed at how exhausting it is just to sit and listen and chat and navigate crowds. Amen to pacing yourself.

Tech Savvy Mama said...

I would add to not stress out about your BlogHer wardrobe. It isn't necessary to buy new clothes or bring options for every party you have RSVPed to. Overpacking just means less room for swag!

I can't wait to see you!

Bonggamom said...

I love these tips! I would add: find some time to visit the exhibitors' booths, they are a lot of fun and you can make some great connections there. And don't feel like you have to attend each and every conference session. This isn't school; you can miss one to take a nap!

GeekMommy said...

Squeeeee!!! Some of my favorite people bonding! (And some Grade-A advice!!)

Adding a couple of my own:

a) Either leave room in the suitcase or figure out how to ship stuff home - there's a lot of just plain cute stuff you won't want to leave behind!

b) If you're nervous? Make a plan to call at least ONE twitterpal or blogfriend as soon as you get to the hotel (or airport) -- @sendchocolate saved my sanity last year with her phone call!! Then it was easy to meet up with so many of my bloggy friends!!

c) Bring a sharpie. Seriously. It's amazing what you need a sharpie for.

d) If your coffee-inclined? Bring a travel mug. Those little paper cup things hotels give you are NOT compatible with desks with laptops on them.

e) Remember if you see any of the folks from BlogHer to thank them - this event is one of a kind and they work hard to make it wonderful for us. (And to be honest? They're awesome women - but they get just as intimidated and shy around 1400 other women as you do - don't be afraid to introduce yourself - they don't bite!)

Barb said...

Thanks so much for putting this great list together. Adding a sharpie and my travel mug to the packing list :)


jodifur said...

You know what helped me, being super busy the two months leading up to blogher! I haven't had a minute to think about it and now I'm like Blogher is in a week, crap!

See you there!

Mercedes said...

Thank you for including me in your round up although I just agreed with your great advice. I am a Blogher newbie as well so all of this is extremely useful to me.


Totally_Toni said...

Great commandments :) Thanks for including mine

Kristen said...

I'm a BlogHer newbie and actually a food Blogger, so a little nervous about "fitting in" with the other blogging venues. Looking forward to stretching my wings some and meeting non-food blogging bloggers (and the food bloggers too!)
Thanks for this great list. The Sharpie thing still has me perplexed but I always have one with me, so I'll make sure I still do during BlogHer.
See you in a week!

ChefDruck said...

These are great tips! I'll be packing an extension cord with lots of extra plugs. This will be my first BlogHer experience and I'm nervous about the cliquishness but looking forward to meeting all you lovely ladies!

Darryle said...

Luckily I haven't known enough to be too worried about my first BlogHer. Plus I'm a terrible procrastinator. With a week to go, this list is a little early for me. But it's really helpful---and I'll use it while I'm panicking about what to take the night before my flight. Thanks Kim--look forward to meeting you!

Rose said...

Fabulous list!
After last year I'm packing some protein bars in my bag. The hotel food was a little lacking and I get crabby when I'm hungry!

And I'm just going to echo the "chat people up, they're just as shy as you" bit and add to it "Stray from your comfort zone." There are lots of different types of bloggers going and you might be surprised to discover some unexpected blog genres.

Oh! And bring LOTS of business cards. I gave out 100 in the first 1/3rd of the conference last year and then I had no more to give out...

Thanks Kim! See you in Chicago!

Kristi Nommensen Dorson said...

These tips, and everyone's comments, are fantastic. Thank you so much for posting them! This is my first BlogHer as well and, though I've been 'blogging' to my friends at livejournal for 8 years, I only started my public blog a couple months ago. I don't know anyone going to BlogHer and I'm incredibly nervous about how it all works and meeting people :). Logically I know I'm not alone but emotions sometimes trump that logic, lol. I'm nervous...but excited! Seeing all of your tips and comments has helped assuage some of the nervousness!

* TONYA * said...

Fabulous commandments. Love the ones in the comments too.

icefairy said...

Thanks so much for the tips. This is my first BlogHer and I'm very nervous. I'm now feeling better:)

Valerie L. (@ADisneyFamly) said...

Love the 10 commandments, but further love the idea that someone else also suggested the travel mug for the morning coffee!! I so didn't want to be the only one lining up with giant cup. Either that or I would have to line up those little paper cups & throw back one aftr another like I was doing some sort of morning shots!

I really think I should just ask if RedBull or Monster will sponsor me!! No need for sleep then. Just some under eye coverup to help with the circles!

This is my first time going to BlogHer too & I'm getting more excited everyday!!

Blanca Stella said...

I won a scholarship to attend and am watching the blogher hashtag. It does seem overwhelming..but glad I read this since I am going for the first time. Thanks for the tips!