Sunday, July 26, 2009

Celebrate Savvy Aunties!

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We're celebrating a lot of things today, or at least we will be once I return home from BlogHer assuming I have a quick stop at the Starbucks drive-thru before I step through the door to hug my family.

Today is Savvy Auntie's Day! I have several nieces and nephews, but have the most special relationship with the niece who is generally thought to be the most like the daughter I never had, both in terms of looks and temperament.

I've introduced the mini-me who is not mine to the joy of walking and talking with a girlfriend and we enjoy crafting together in a way that I simply can't do with my boys.

Last fall she and I sat down with a bunch of crisp leaves we'd gathered and created a family tree. One leaf was dedicated to each family member. We wrote that person's name on a leaf with a Sharpie marker and then add few adjectives about that person along the leaf edges. We eventually laid them out on paper with my other niece's help and proudly showed off our creation as grandma and grandpa oohed and aahed.

My niece and I chatted as we worked, and I captured this priceless bit of conversation along the way. Listen in as she sets the feminist cause back several decades.

Do you have a special memory as an aunt or with one of your own?


kristina said...

Yay for savvy aunties like you.

kristina said...

Yay for savvy aunties like you.