Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marketing to Moms: Mommybloggers in the news

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When it comes to marketing to moms, mom bloggers are the news.

Check out these recent stories on mommybloggers from established news outlets:

Chicago Sun-Times with lots of love to Chicago-area bloggers Lisa, or as I know her @blm03.

ABC News shout out to Colleen Padilla and her freezer full of Healthy Choice meals.

Austin American Statesmen I'm in agreement with Rachel Hobson of Average Jane Crafter in that I'm turned off by blogs that seem to have been taken over by corporate interests.

Now in my fourth year in the mom-space, it's fascinating to see how momblogs have and are evolving. That's part of what makes it exciting to be in this space.

At one of the early BlogHer Conferences, there was a bold declaration that Mommyblogging, which was once looked down upon at the time, was a radical act. This statement was debated at BlogHer 08. The outcome as I heard it was that, yes, mommyblogging is a radical act when mombloggers speak the truth of motherhood, messy and inconvenient as it may be.

IMO, a product review, even a gritty, honest one doesn't cut it for me. Now, I do read reviews and I write them occasionally, but when it comes to keeping my eyes glued to the screen late at night, it's writing like this, this or this (okay, that's a dad, but I double-dog dare you to walk away without reflecting on it) that gets me.

Mixing in a few marketing messages, reviews or giveaways here is okay with me, but when the blog become more about the latest marketing junket, glowing thoughts on vacation destinations the blogger never has visited, or just blather to fill space in between paid posts, I'm just not that into it.

I love that this space is evolving. I think it's great that moms (present company included) are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles because of the way the momosphere is changing, but I hope that the smart, funny, honest voices don't get drown out by the ones that are largely shilling for commercial interests.

Your thoughts?

Before you answer, here are a few more links to read. Interestingly, these went up after I put a draft of this post in my queue. Check out Resourceful Mommy's take on MomBlogger2.0 and a PR brownout, which was a response to Trisha's PR Blackout Challenge. And I just had a great Twitter conversation (yes, conversation) with @MaternalSpark, who explains her position on the PR Blackout on her blog.

Oh, and I like this related post from Taste Like Crazy, too.

I really intended to post this next Monday, but there are so many conversations on these issues right now, that I figured I should represent. Plus, if I waited until then I'd have to add at least a dozen other links.

What are your thoughts?

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H.E.Eigler said...

Thanks so much for sharing my link on the PR Blackout. I agree, it was a great conversation and like you, I'm looking forward to what comes next for mom bloggers.

Naomi said...

I believe they call this the "Summertime Blues" and it has a lot to do with long, hot days and kids home from school and traveling and blah blah blah. I'm burned out, everyone I know is burned out. I'm hoping BlogHer will give me more of an impetus to decide where my blog is going because, frankly, all the review stuff has gotten a bit out of hand. I do love the freebies but when every other blog in your reader is gushing about the same thing, it's kind of like all showing up at prom in the same dress.

TheAngelForever said...

I think I tend to side more with Resourceful Mommy's view on this one. I think that each blogger needs to take a break when they need to and not feel the pressure of a Black Out. By snubbing PR people you will only hurt yourself in the long run. That being said I feel no pressure to review items on my blog. I have done a few, but most reviews that I have done are items that I bought with my own money and receive no incentives for blogging.

Wendy said...

I posted my thoughts about this yesterday on my blog. I'll say this, I pretty much agree with what you've said. My biggest problems right now are 1) a lot of whining about either lack of sponsorship or being overloaded w/commitments and 2) 95 percent ad campaign content, 5 percent personal.

Frankly, I feel like the only blogger on the planet that has not even one ad anywhere on their site. Call me Last of the Mo-Bloggers. LOL

Jake Aryeh Marcus said...

While I am a blogger, I am so new to it that I have done no reviewing or promoting. As a blog reader, if a blog becomes more than about 10% product reviews or give-aways, I stop reading. Ditto Following on Twitter - more than one product promo a day and I unFollow. Sorry, I want thoughts and not advertising.

Meowmie said...

One of the reasons I started going off BabyCenter blogs is because of the constant product reviews. Not that I disliked the reviewers, or, for that matter, the products.

What I objected to was (1) the frequency of such items masquerading as blog posts, taking the space of those who were writing decent and interesting posts, and (2) the fact that I couldn't obtain the items or even be in the running to win one.