Monday, July 13, 2009

Marketing to Moms: Understanding Mombloggers

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I put marketing to moms series on hold as I got busy with client projects, marketing my house and working with my boys on the Family Fun on a Budget vlog series.

I've been playing with a lot of post ideas in my mind, they just haven't made it out through my fingertips. Until now.

Earlier this month, Michelle from Scribbit, wrote a fabulous post on things she's learned about blogging. She does a great job of describing blogging, what it means, why we write and why we read. She also makes excellent points about common waves and cycles bloggers experience both in their minds (burnout) and on the page (loyal readers that slip away).

Her piece is so insightful; it's a must read for those who want to work with bloggers, not just market to them.

Bloggers will love it, too. Go read and come back to let me know if you learned a thing or two.

Edited to add: Another look at the inner life of mombloggers, with quotes from several. Via


2KoP said...

Scribbit was the first blog I followed (the only one for a long time). Then I fell away because she wrote so much so often and I'm a slow reader. Ironically, I write long posts, too, but not as often.

I thought many of her points were valid. I guess in my blog life, I'm somewhere between adolescence and adulthood (at 18 mos., I'm safely past my 1 year anniversary, which was actually quite inspiring to me — the opposite reaction she suggested was most likely to that first bloggy birthday).

Callista said...

Scribbit was one of the first blogs I read too so I already knew about the article. I found it very interesting and helpful and included it in my shared items (which currently only shows up on my book blog)

I really miss your momblogger posts. :(