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Vanessa Druckman on Shock and Awe in Parenting: A Guest Post

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This originally appeared on Vanessa's blog, Chefdruck Musings. Vanessa and I discussed trading guest blogs posts a while back, and when I saw this post in March 2009, I knew it was just my speed. As has been my recent theme, I'm finally posting this.

Vanessa is a French Foodie living in New Jersey (soon to be Ohio) with her husband and three kids. She blogs about her my passions: parenting, cooking, books, TV, movies, and anything else that catches her fancy. Be sure to check out her Tasty Tuesday recipes.

Every once in a while, I resort to drastic measures to get the kids to listen, really listen, and actually hear me.

Yesterday I indulged Jack and Juliette by taking them to McDonald's for lunch as a special treat, just for fun. One and a half chicken nuggets into his meal, Jack started goofing off, lying face down on the plastic bench, and kicking Juliette who was trying hard to eat her hamburger.

I saw two courses of action open to me.

I could begin nagging him to stop, threatening to take away his happy meal toy, and get progressively more annoyed.

Or I could go for shock and awe.

Slowly, clearly and loudly I told Jack,
"Right where you are putting your face is where hundreds of people have sat and farted. Instead of eating your chicken nuggets, you are rubbing your face in a hundred farts."

He sat straight up and ate the rest of his lunch. No more kicking, or shenaniganing of any kind.

Shock and awe success.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Pure brilliance.
I WILL try that at some point in my life.