Sunday, August 23, 2009

ClutterCast III: Gratitude with an Attitude

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Maybe it's the bad weather we've had most of the year in Chicago. Maybe our kind Midwestern attitudes have simply gone south. All I know is that a couple of my Chicago Moms Blogs friends have admitted to the same concerns I have about gratitude.

Like Tracey, who's in the midst of her own personal gratitude challenge, I'm good at finding the silver lining once I've taken time to explain the cloud hanging over my head, but have to check my gag reflex when it comes to writing or reading about all sunshine and rainbows.

Maybe that's the Midwestern vibe- keeping it real. Complain about a harsh winter and a lack of sunshine (or the deeply personal internal version of such) balanced out by a few hours of Oprah's latest tips and quips.

Snarky Susan admitted that she recently woke up with an unexpected thought. To quote: What if I changed every "I hate" statement I hear in my head to an "I love" statement. I know, I gagged, too, but that hazy, waking, early morning brain is hard to control and, unbidden, it started to make the conversions. Don't panic, there was no epiphany. But it did make me smile to myself in a genuine, unsnarky way — especially when I heard "I love school-related paperwork" whispered in my inner ear — and it got me thinking, which always a dangerous thing.

Interestingly, that bit is an outtake on a post inspired by my gratitude challenge.

So here's the thing- we need to keep it real. We also need to be enjoy life's wonders, but sometimes a bit of self-pity, whining or self-deprecation serves its purpose. Sometimes we need a friend who will join us at our pity party. Someone who understands our troubles, who does nothing but holds our hands and listen without judgment. Someone who gives us space for our sadness or grief before pointing out the rainbow just behind our little storm.

And sometimes we need this:

TinyPrints folks prefer to say, "Take Note. Give Thanks." But, you know, this works, too.

In the spirit of Gratitude with an Attitude, I'm offering up this puzzle for my third Cluttercast. Do you need help snapping out of a funk, cleaning up your mental space so you can find where you left those rose-colored glasses? I'm here to help!

I will send along the puzzle pieces, which I safely ensconced in a ziptop bag after taking the above picture.

Leave a comment letting me know why you'd like this puzzle. Make me laugh, make me cry. I've not yet defined the criteria for choosing a cluttercatcher. This Cluttercast will run for one week, ending at noon on August 30.

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Naomi said...

I don't need the puzzle (we have serious clutter issues of our own, I'm afraid... girls seem to breed stuffed animals) but I wanted to say how much I appreciated this post. Just because you're cynical doesn't mean you're not grateful!

Darryle said...

Obviously I don't need any more clutter.
Still, I Love the puzzle, love that you're doing another cluttercast, LOVE the gratitude challenge. Once again you've nailed what I'm thinking. Maybe we can expand it beyond Chicago...

Rick Bucich said...

You have really embraced the challenge - your post are right on!

kristina said...

Love the gratitude challenge. Funny, I've been thinking a lot about it too, and that's before I knew these fine ladies (you included) were posting about it.

bernthis said...

please go and read my post today. All I can say is that great minds think alike. (that would be you and me) I laughed out loud when I saw the puzzle. You will see why