Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garage Sale Success

I'm reading: Garage Sale SuccessTweet this!

We did it! We hosted a garage sale last Friday and Saturday. It was exhausting, but we got rid of so much stuff and made a tidy bit of cash in the process. My biggest fear was that we wouldn't even bring in enough to cover the $40 print ad in the local paper. But we paid for it a few times over. Phew!

I know! Why did a social media mom like me even bother with a print ad? Tradition, I guess. That sais, I think most people found us via signage or Craigslist. The ad did seem to bring in a variety of older women, most of whom smelled like they had been driving around in ashtrays.

Who cares about my old crap or how much money we made? There was some fabulous people-watching to be done!

Even before the final hour, I headed out to the Salvation Army with three boxes of items and a 2 drawer file cabinet. Today, we dropped off three or four more boxes and the Hadassah resale shop. And there's still much random crap in the garage. Could our household discards and have somehow multiplied in between customers?

It's an embarrassment of riches. Well, not riches exactly. The thing is we're hardly conspicuous consumers. But, ugh, So. Much. Stuff.

DH said that seeing our household discards all on display along with the low, low prices at which we sold them is making him think about our spending habits even more. He likes the idea of us spending money on experiences- vacations, concerts, lessons and whatnot--more than just buying more things.

I have to admit I agree.

One more note: A pox on adults who can walk by a child at a lemonade stand and not buy, especially when it's only 25 cents a glass! My boys should have cleaned up with the amount of traffic that stopped by. I think they made about $5-$6 over two days. I sent out a tweet about this and it's clear my Twitter pals are with me on this one.

In fact, I was about to give a customer an extra quarter in change, so she could buy a drink from my son. She turned me down, which I assumed mean she would pay for it herself, but she walked right by my boy!

In summary:
Spend money on experiences (that includes good food, IMO).
If you see kids selling lemonade, stop and buy it even if you secretly dump it on the street before getting back in your car. Bonus karma: let the kiddos keep the change.


Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

Garage sales are a study in human nature, that's for sure. We had one in May where we actually had to ask two women to LEAVE because they were being so disrespectful and rude about trying to talk us down on our already cheap prices. I never expected to have a smackdown with garbage hunters on my driveway! (and by the way, the other people who were there at the time nearly applauded when those ladies left - they were seriously out of control!)

Carrie said...

I NEVER pass by a kid's lemonade stand. And yes, they get to keep the change (usually). I am always thirsty! (Probably has to do with being pg or bf all the time, eh?)

I hope your kids knew how to properly mix up powdered lemonade, lol. I have swallowed some god-awful lemonade this summer, and I keep thinking, how hard can it be to put in the proper number of scoops? And how about some ice cubes? I know, high standards for a child-run enterprise, but there it is.

Kristi said...

I TOTALLY HEAR YOU on the lemonade thing! Two CUTE girls were selling some down the street from me a week ago and of COURSE I had to stop. It was .75 for a glass but $1.00 for a glass and a cookie! What a deal! They were the cutest thing.

Shari said...

We're on baord with the experiences, not stuff way of life. We do buy token birthday and Christmas presents, but never anniversary gifts. We save that for something we can do together. We tend to eat at what we call "stupidly expensive" restaurants. It's so much more fun and we don't have to clean, store or dispose of anything.

Heather Kennedy said...

I always, always stop at the kids sport fundraiser tables if the kids are the ones running it. About 95% of the time they are shocked when I just toss in a few bucks and pass on the sweets. So glad you guys did well!

Kristina said...

So rotten to pass a kid's lemonade stand. I mean, c'mon!

Glad your garage sale was a success. It's good to purge. We had one in June. Didn't make a lot but it forced us to go thru our stuff.