Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marketing to Moms: Grateful for Blogger Outreach

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In keeping with 21-Day TinyPrints Gratitude Challenge, I'm going to write about a blogger outreach event I attended today. I appreciated the truly an original approach. I mean, have you been to many parties the car wash?

Yes, party at the car wash.

With a bit of inspiration from consultant Beth Rosen, the folks from Allstate held an event to introduce us to Allstate's Vehicle Vibes and Friender Bender sites. Ironically, on the drive downtown, I nearly got swideswiped on the expressway thanks to some lady on her cell phone. After I honked her away from my car, she sort of shook her phone in smiling apology, as if to say, "Sorry, I nearly smashed into your car, but, can't you see I'm talking to my boyfriend right now?"

Grateful to have survived my ride, I arrived to be greeted by Marcia Hansen's good hands. Wait, make that the good hands of the massage therapist who was there to relax us while our cars got primped and polished. Yeah, baby.

Car wash, shmar wash; this was an upscale happening. Not only that, but some of Chicago's most connected women in social media were shmoozing about: The Local Tourist, Interactive Amy, Barb Maldonado, Second City Soiree, Jackie Cuyvers, my Chicago Moms Blog Pals Lori and MJ and other fab women.

It was a unique and well-done event at which I made many connections. For that I am grateful.

Speaking of connections, in conjuction with the Gratitude Challenge, today we opened the surprise book, a gratitude journal in which I completed today's assignment, an alphabet of gratitude. Please note that I had a little help on this assignment from some anonymous helper elves.

Apple picking
Board games
Delicious food
Etiquette (how else would we know how to behave?)
Happy times
Ice cream
Life, Love
My mom (aww)
Nana (my mom)
Our garden
Pancakes, Possibilities, Pokemon
Quiet moments, Quagga
Rock and Roll
X (X-rays and xylophones were the obvious answers, which we avoided in favor of a blank)
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Zenses (DS game series. Someone was grasping at straws here)

Check out things for which other Gratitude Challengers are thankful. And add your thoughts in the comments.

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Rick Bucich said...

Those ones toward the bottom of the alphabet were really tough, I used Vacation as well and was fortunate to have just had a 10 year reunion so that took care of X. http://rickbucich.typepad.com/blog/2009/08/gratitude-a-to-z.html

Glad to have you on board!

Beth said...

Thank you for the thoughtful post, your one of the moms and bloggers that people can trust for a honest look at things so what you said means a-lot. So happy you could make it and hope we can do a lot more cool and useful things together...

Kenn said...

Great post, Kim. I'm grateful because you have given me an idea for a Two Kinds of People post. Stay tuned.

2KoP said...

OK, Kim, I'm following your lead (sort of) and posting about gratitude — at least this one time. Thanks for the inspiration.

I really like your alphabetical list. Many of mine would be identical (today, especially, the "K" entry).

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I recently decided to do 30 days of remembering what I'm grateful for. So far? I'm not learning anything about myself. Other than I hate "Having To" do something. ;) How about you?

Marcia said...


Thanks for your post. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I look forward to keeping in touch and chatting with you again soon.