Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at The Gratitude Challenge: From Crane Wife to Bluebird of Happiness

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Between the crush of a family getaway just before school, an important yet deeply disappointing meeting with an administrator of said school, and the fact that DH is closing in a a very long time without a job, I haven't been a model of sunshine or light, let alone gratitude. (Well, except for the trip.) I'm probably not helping things by listening nonstop to the Decemberists' less than chipper CD* (Album? Collection of tunes? What do we call these things now?), The Crane Wife.

But as the vacation haze cleared and I sorted the school supplies into neat piles and then ran out at the last minute to fill in missing items, I found time to discover where I'd hastily stashed the Gratitude Cards prior to our departure for Galena.

There was a directive to send letters to friends on the cheerful personalized note cards the TinyPrints Folks provided for me. So I grabbed the cards and sent out a few notes letting people know I was glad to have them in my life. And really? It lightened my mood. And from what I heard from the recipients, they enjoyed my snail mail.

Yesterday, I saw one of my Tweeps send out a message apropos of nothing, really. Just one of those random things. But I read it and thought of a fun surprise to send her (sort of an impromptu Cluttercast, if you will). Sending off that package felt nice.

It's the opposite of a vicious cycle; a virtuous cycle, if you will. I may not feel like I have a lot of love to share, but I realize that the more I do share it, the more I have to give. There's a parenting lesson, a life lesson, in there, no doubt.

Next up in the Gratitude Challenge: I figure out what day I'm supposed to be on and what day I'm actually on.

*After setting out to search for a link, I learned this "new" album came out in 2006. Gah, I am hopeless when it comes to hipness. Not only did it come out in 2006, but it was voted album of the year by NPR's listeners that same year. My God, I do live in a cave. But at least now I understand the story better. It's still depressing, but a bit less bizarre.


2KoP said...

I like virtuous cycle better even than paying it forward.

Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

Well, if sending that package felt nice, I can tell you that receiving it felt even better! Such a nice surprise - thank you! :)

Grateful Nation said...

Hello Kim!

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Thank you, Vanessa