Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NYC Adventures

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My trip to New York City was a blast! I always thought I'd hate the city, but now I cant' wait for an excuse to go back (cough *BlogHer 10*). I had a great time hanging out with old friends and meeting many new ones.

I met up with Ilina from Dirt and Noise, Carmen from Mom to the Screaming Masses, Jenn From Frugal Upstate and we enjoyed a fun, if touristy, dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner (singing waiters!) then we walked about 100 blocks through Times Square to the LUSH store and headed to a sponsored meet and greet.

I met up with BlogHer friend Jennifer Perillo from In Jennie's Kitchen and couldn't hear more than the conversations going on to my immediate right or left in the dark noisy room. That said, when one of my companions got up to make a call, I called Drew from Cook Like Your Grandmother over and we chatted.

Jennifer, Ilina, Drew and I headed to Lindy's for late night dessert. I only had 24 hours in NYC, when else was I going to try to the local cheesecake? Despite a citywide banana shortage, a good time was had by all, including Naomi from Superdumb Supervillain, who joined us after her late arrival to the hotel.

Naomi, Drew and I wandered around Times Square, but having already had my walkabout, I headed back to the hotel on my own. Halfway there, though, I stopped, enthralled by street performers near the half-price ticket place. I finally headed back to my hotel when it started to drizzle and I feared a street fight would break out to due a crazy or drunk (or perhaps mentally ill and drunk) woman. Um, make that many drunk and/or mentally ill people gathered in a small space.

At any rate, it was midnight, raining and I was heading to my hotel alone. I was only two blocks from my hotel when I stopped to watch the street action. But when I looked down the street to where I thought the hotel would be (have I mentioned my ability to get lost in a paper bag?), I didn't see it.

I almost freaked out seeing as I was in New York City, alone after midnight in the rain, (which was really more of light drizzle).

Also, knowing all too well my poor sense of direction and how easy it is to get lost in NYC, DH warned me not to go out alone.

So anyway, my heart was pounding as I pondered calling my husband and telling him, "Hi. I'm alone in NYC at midnight in the rain. If I tell you what intersection I'm at will you MapQuest me back to my hotel?"

But at the same time, I knew the hotel was nearby. I'm not much on street names, but I know my landmarks. I knew I was down the block from the the giant M&M sign. Still, walking from the brightly lit Times Square onto a darker side street concerned me. Once I did though, I saw my problem. Construction scaffolding was blocking the Sheraton sign. Phew!

I made it back to the hotel safely. Then adrenaline still pumping through my veins, I checked email and signed onto Twitter where I chatted with Jennifer (as in the woman I shared dessert with) and Kim Tracy Prince, who has living it up in Hawaii.

The next morning Carmen, Jenn and two later arrivals, Jendi from Simple Vlogging Tips and Jen from My Kitchen Addiction and I headed to the Today Show bright and early. Make that early, but not bright--the sun wasn't even out when we left the hotel!

I left before I got my Today Show screen time because I needed to change and walk over to the event hotel. However, I did get screen time of a different sort of the Today Show Blog (I'm the fourth one down).

As far as the products I learned about, they were interesting and I'll write about them when I receive review samples. I hope it's soon because Google is already sending people looking for product information to my blog based on my introductory Ninja post. In other words, I'm number one! (Though need another lesson in screen shots. This looks like crap. Help?)

Oh, and of course, other highlights included meeting (however quickly) Nikki from Blasian Baby Notes and Kimberly from Mom in the City and getting a quick overview of the Manhattan skyline from Liz at Mom101.

Too tired to read? See my trip in pictures!

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Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

It was great to meet you in NYC! Enjoyed reading your take on the trip in this post... Interested to see what you think of the products. I'm hoping they arrive soon, as well!

Kimberly/Mom in the City said...

It was great meeting you too! Hopefully, we will get more of a chance to speak at Blogalicious.

Naomi said...

I didn't realize you got lost! We didn't stay out much later, so I am surprised we didn't catch up with you...

TheAngelForever said...

So glad that you liked your NYC adventure. I was really bummed when you said you may not go to NYC in August. Here is hoping that you will and we can finally meet in person.

I can not wait to hear more about what you were in NYC for.

Jennifer said...

Silly, you should've just tweeted me and I could've sent you directions. You know I never sleep!

Nikki @ Blasian Baby said...

Your funny about calling your hubby to map quest you back to the hotel. LMAO

It goes without saying that meeting you was awesome. Even in the brief time we managed to share a laugh =) You gotta come visit NYC again so we can really hangout.

Drew Kime said...

Kim! I've been horribly busy since getting back. Just wanted to say how great it was hanging out with you.

Oh and PS: I just got my Ninja. Wheee!

Jodi said...

I so wish I'd been able to go - but I was already planning to go to Walt Disney World for the 5K and obviously couldn't do both. Didn't realize you were there - now I'm even more sad I missed it.

2KoP said...

Look at you, all national and everything on the Today Show Blog. Great pic, although I must give props to the woman who pimped her book proposal on her sign. Excellent gorilla marketing.

ChefDruck said...

Sounds like a fun packed 24 hours. You made me miss the City even more!