Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Print Coverage: Noted and Quoted

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Chicago Tribune, business section
Quoted in, "How to solve problems with Groupon or other daily deals" (November 2010)

AOL's ParentDish
Lead quote in article, "The myth of testing for giftedness" (May 2010)

Quoted in reference to appearance as a trend expert at the Sweets and Snack Expo (May 2010)

Lead quote in article, "Women guilty of feeling too guilty" (February 2010)

Chicago Parent Magazine
Quoted in article, "How to tame the collectible clutter" (January 2010)

The New York Times
Quoted in article, "Skin deep: Many cutbacks, but not for straight teeth" (April 2009)

Parenting Early Years
Profiled in "5 superhero traits all moms have" Hint: I'm ferocious. (March 2009)

Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging
Quoted on page 159 (December 2008)

Chicago Tribune (May 2008)
Quoted in "The kids are all right, no thanks to mom"

Automotive News (June 2008)
Quoted in "GM bets on bloggers"

Parenting magazine (May 2008)
Quoted in "Kiss mommy guilt goodbye" feature article

Christian Science Monitor (January 2008)
Quoted in "Automakers put bloggers in the driver's seat"

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