Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raising Gifted Children: Smart Child Left Behind

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As if you had any doubts, about the effect of No Child Left Behind on academically advanced students, Tom Loveless and Michael J. Petrilli spell it out on the op-ed pages in the New York Times. Our guiding national education policy is hurting my kids. Maybe yours too.

We're fortunate to be in a district that offers some enrichment and leveled classes, but that's increasing rare in middle class schools, especially in states like Illinois that lack a funding and a mandate for gifted education.

To see how you state fares with gifted mandates and funding, check this map over at the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. (Note to Davidson folks: time to move Illinois back to the red zone. Sigh.)


Terry said...

Kim, et. al.~
Davidson can keep Illinois as yellow, because funding has been available for gifted. Because the amount has not been sufficient to spread throughout the state as it was pre-2003, it has been used for professional development, so teachers could become informed about how to serve the needs of gifted kids in their classes. The previous Gifted Institute has been revised as the Gifted Education Seminar, that was piloted this summer. We're trying to get the General Assembly to renew funding to continue that work. The voices of parents are especially needed to persuade their state legislators to provide funding. In addition, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is holding budget hearings for FY 2011 from now into December. Details are on the website of Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC); the homepage has an ALERT, as well as the Advocacy webpage. Show up and speak to get funding for gifted. Go to

Terry James Mohaupt
* Consultant and Parent Affiliates Chairman, IAGC
* Member, ISBE Advisory Council on the Education of Gifted and Talented Children
* Member, Advisory Board, Boone/Winnebago (IL) Counties
* Member, Chicago Area Mensa Gifted Children Committee

Gina said...

As a parent of a gifted child, it kills me that there is very little attention, support and help for children ahead of the average. The focus is strictly on bringing up those who lag behind - which is incredibly important. But our schools should have the responsibility to educate and challenge all children, and make sure each of them reach their potential.

I hope to see this change someday.

Shari said...

Our girls are nearly ignored in our "good" public school district. Why? They already test at the highest level. The school spends all its money bringing up the bottom testers. I spoke to the teacher about giving the girls more challenging work. I was told she had to work with the lower-level learners. Then I was told I should be happy that the girls found school so easy. Really? Why should I be happy that they are bored every day?

Kristyn said...

I'm a reporter trying to do a story on this very issue. Please contact me at