Monday, September 14, 2009

Yahoo MotherBoard: Me Time

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This month's Yahoo MotherBoard prompt is "Me Time." Given the number of women who have jumped right in to address this, it's clearly an issue we moms struggle with.

For me, blogging is a "me-time" exercise. At least it started out that way. As with Jennifer (link below), blogging has become something more. In some ways, it's a wonderful change--I've created a career for myself that wouldn't have been possible even five years ago! In other ways, turning a fun hobby into a job takes the fun out of it.

To keep thing fun, I try to avoid getting sucked into what I call competitive blogging. And I recently resigned from my regular blogging role with Traveling Mom. I've been spread too thin and have been feeling weighed down with blogligations. It's time to reclaim, well, my me-time, and that is one step toward doing so (though I still have one more item I want to post over there, natch).

Once you get involved in so many projects, especially enjoyable ones, it's hard to reign in; isn't it?

So that's one of my struggles. Check out what my MotherBoard friends have to say on the topic. Even though each writer has her own spin, I found myself nodding in agreement as I read through each of these posts.

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Kimberley from The GoTo Mom

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Jessica from It's My Life


Kim Tracy Prince said...

Wow, I have been thinking the same thing, and of course I still say yes to every opportunity. It burns me out after a while, so I have to go underground for a bit to recharge. I'm about to shed one of those obligations, and this post helps egg me on.

April said...

I've been blogging/writing much less these past few weeks for the same reason!

Shari said...

In my world, me time is walking, doing yoga or gardening. Sometimes I go crazy and have lunch with a girlfriend. I try to remember that the girls are young and need me a lot now. In a few years I'll have all the me time I want. My friends with teenagers sigh wistfully when I talk about my days. They tell me their teens are hardly ever home and they have loads of time to fill.

kristina said...

Yep, once again, you nailed it in your post. Blogging can be a burn out, but it can be fun, but then you're tired a lot, but then you get sucked back in, and then ....