Monday, September 07, 2009

You get paid for it?!

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That was my nine-year-old's comment when I mentioned the $17 and change I will get paid for serving jury duty tomorrow. The whole thing sounds pretty awesome to him, but then again, he's picturing me playing a crucial role in some major trial, one that could send someone to jail for years.

More likely, I'll be sitting in the jury pool room until they send me home at 2:00. I think only once or twice have I even made it into a courtroom and when I did, I didn't get chosen, though I would have (in theory) been glad to serve. The one time I recall being interviewed, I made some comment about limits on the dollar value of pain and suffering. Or perhaps it was the lack of limits on the dollar value of pain and suffering. Whatever it was, one of the lawyers didn't fancy my thoughts. I was sent packing.

Even if I don't get picked for a jury, Pikachu thinks it's pretty awesome that I can bring a book and sit around reading or playing Nintendo DS most of the day and get paid over $17.

DH and I explained that most working people in our country make more than $17 each day. In fact some, make $17 or more an hour.

Of course, to a nine-year-old that's pretty mind-blowing, so he continued. "Yeah, but what if you worked, but you had the day off and nothing else to do and you could get an extra $17 for jury duty? That would be pretty good."

Hmmm. Maybe we could take the 9% of unemployed Americans and put them to work on juries?
As my son points out, "$17 a day is better than zero dollars a day."


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Actually that's not a bad idea Kim!

p.s. (whispers...I have never been chosen for jury duty)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

My hubby just got out of jury duty last week, but was a bit disappointed! Hoping all is well and wondering if you're still there! :)


Evenspor said...

I recentlt received my first ever jury summons. Unfortunately, it was right near my due date. They let me off the hook with a doctor's note. Apparently, they just put my name back in the pool, because I got another summons last week. They let me off the hook again (no note required this time) because the lady on the phone agreed with me that some people cn be narrow minded about things like nursing an infant in the courtroom. The extra money would have been nice though.