Monday, October 19, 2009

Jewlicious: Shmooze. Nosh. Call your Mother.

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Yiddeshe Mamas, Represent!

I'm pleased to announce Jewlicious 2010: The Beauty of Guilt.

Throughout the conference, those lovely ladies from Parentopia, prime issuers of absolution, will help us assess our priorities and deliver us from guilt due to:

  • Blogging too much
  • Not blogging enough
  • Not commenting enough
  • Ignoring the family in order to keep up with Twitter/Facebook/Whrrl/Google reader
  • Spending more time reviewing products than our children's homework
In addition to programming, shmoozing and spa treatments, another key component of Jewelicious is our devotion to the art of the Nosh.

Featured speakers in this track include David Sax of the new book, Save the Deli. After noshing on everything from chopped liver to knishes, Jennifer Perillo, an Italian-Catholic shiksa daughter-in-law who puts us to shame with her fabulous holiday spreads, will teach us to look at Jewish soul food in a new light.

But wait, there's more!

Sessions you won't want to miss include:

Got Kvetch? There's an App for That! Jessica Gottlieb and Jami Becker

How to Raise a Mensch The mother of Peter Shankman

Twiteleh and Other Hot New Social Media Tools Techmama

Keeping up with the Goldbergs: 2010's Hottest Tchotkes PopJudaica

You Want I Should Write about that on My Blog? How to Approach PR Kim Moldofsky

Bi-cultural in the Boonies Naomi Shapiro and Aliza Sherman

Buy Kosher in the Boonies The Angel Forever

It's Never Too Late: Adult Bat Mitzvah Marketing Mommy

JDate Success! Interactive Amy

So, you want to be Jewish... Leah Jones

A Skinned Knee? Meh, It's a Blessing
Wendy Mogel, Ph.D.

Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Headache Paula Kamen

Mommybloggers, Go Forth and Make Money Ayelet Waldman

Jewlicious will include a kick-ass tzeddekah project, to boot.

And what's a gathering of powerful blogging mamas without a bit of swag? Keep this on the QT, but rumor has it our group will be the first to bring home up the new "Tefillin Barbie!"

There are so many other surprises in store! Ladies, this conference will be beyond.

Of course, Jewlicious is open to all.

Well, it would be if it were real.


TheAngelForever said...

My goodness Kim you had a major creative session and I LOVE IT! Thank you for including me :) Of course, I certainly am far from the boonies, although anything outside of NYC for kosher meat buying can seem like it. I can not wait to share with everyone. Off to send some Tweets about it.

jodifur said...

I was reading this post going, is this for real? I'm totally going!

Alas, no.

Devra said...

Where will the conference be held?

Long Island?
Next year in Jerusalem?

Forty Weeks said...

Oy, I am kvelling here - you did such a job! Heart full, tearing up, moved!

Let me know how I can help spread the Semetic love. There is little I would not do for my people!!!

As for me, slowly getting over the rejection of my session:

Blended Family, Working Mother, Uber Volunteer Guilt - Integrated Strategies for Guilt Maximization.

And here is just one more to consider:

Monetizing Your Inner-Princess - Building a brand Around Your Passion for the Good Stuff

And of course, don’t worry about rejecting me again, I will be okay…
Be well!

Go Kim….

Sprite's Keeper said...

I was going to say I would save all my dimes to make this ticket happen, but you dashed my hopes.
What's a Jew to do?

drlori71 said...

I also was reading this post thinking, is this real?
What a great post! Thanks for the laugh!

Laura said...

I don't have the name recognition of those other blog stars, but I would love to be on the boonies panel.

If only this were real. That would rock.

Maybe Hadassah will sponsor.:-)

Ilina said...

You are freaking hilarious.

Neil said...

I'm sure you were trying to be funny, but I found it all so believable, that I was a bit disappointed at the end. I would say a Jewish-oriented blogging conference would be a great idea, but in reality, there would be chaos as the religious, non-religious, conservatives, liberals, Zionists, etc. would all spend the entire session fighting. It would make BlogHer look like a commune.

Naomi said...

Laughing out loud... but I would totally still attend if you made it happen...

Jessica Gottlieb said...

I'm kvelling.

Make the conference in Los Angeles and note that I don't go East of La Brea.

Linda said...

I have been following this thread for a few days now...since Blogalicious and thought it was all made...then I read this and I'm cracking up thinking IS real. You got me. Seriously LMAO!!!!!

Since I'm only 1/4 jew, I wasn't sure if I would be allowed. But I figured my other 1/4 Italian self made me full of at least 1/2 of guilt. But I see it WOULD be open to all... I would come. :-)

Kim Moldofsky said...

So the fabulous Leah Jones informed me that there actually is a conference (just not a bloggy one) named Jewlicious. WHO KNEW?

She also let me know there has been some discussion on a post BlogHer event ("But what about TBEX, the travel blogger expo?!" You ask. Good question), so I've asked to be included on those discussions. I *obviously* have some fabulous ideas.

Thanks for your interest. I'll keep you posted.

Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

Love, love, love this post! :)

Jen said...

I am such a dork...I totally thought that Jewlicious was REAL and as I was reading the event descriptions, I was getting more and more excited!!! Ha! At least I'm in good company. Now I just have to get over my disappointment!

Jack said...

There absolutely is a Jewlicious conference. There have been two blogger conferences in Jerusalem that were designed specifically for the Jblogosphere.

And there is a weekly blogcarnival for the Jewish/Israeli blogosphere. I happen to be the admin for it. We just published the 239th edition of it.

If you are interested check out this link for a list of past and future issues.

And here is a link to the Jewlicious Festival.

Anonymous said...

I love your humor and enthusiasm!

Have you been in touch with They are the most visited Jewish blog on the internet, and run all kinds of Jewlicious programs in the USA and Israel.

Jewlicious said...

Ha ha. Yes. As noted by LeahJones, there actually already is a Jewlicious Conference/Festival. It takes place every year for the past 5 years in Long Beach, California. We're actually already hard at work on Jewlicious 6.0 which will happen on Feb. 19th. That having been said, your conference, despite the fact that it is made up, sounds like it would have been awesome! Should you ever decide to make it happen, give me a call - maybe we can cooperate. Just hit the contact us button over at and see what happens! Thanks for a great post!

kristina said...

This is HILARIOUS. And I'm not even Jewish.